Wednesday 11 April 2018

March Favourites

I literally can't remember the last time I did a favourites post! But I was loving a lot of things in March so I thought I'd share them with all you lovely people. 

I was binging like a bitch at the beginning of March and loved it. My eyes were sore and I permanently had a headache for a fortnight but Idgaf. Here's what I'd been watching. 

Everything Sucks
Honestly this didn't even remotely sound like my cup of tea when I read the description but I went for it anyway and was pleasantly surprised! Two of the main characters are PoC and LGBT and I am here. For. That. Emaline though, what a babe. I don't know if/when there's a season 2 coming but I personally don't feel it's necessary. Still going to watch it though. 7/10 would recommend. 

Scream - TV series 
I've literally only seen the first Scream movie but I love it, and as soon as I saw the Netflix original was a thing, I added it to my list. However, it wasn't until my sister insisted that I watch it, that I finally pressed play. One episode in and I was HOOKED. I binge watched it like a bitch and wasn't ready for the plot twist in series one. But I figured out whodunit relatively early on. I couldn't figure series two out as much as I tried and so loved it even more. 10/10 would recommend. 

I have mentioned both of these before but I didn't get the notifications for new episodes; so I had 3 weeks worth of Crazy Ex Girlfriend and The Good Place to binge on too! My sisters say that CEG wasn't as good after ~ a certain thing happened ~ but I couldn't agree less. I was LOL-ing away at season 3 probably even more than previous seasons. Crazy Ex Girlfriend just gets better and Rachel Bloom is great. Also, I just can't fault The Good Place. 20/10 would recommend both. 

It's only recently that I've really got into looking after my skin. I always make sure to pick a cruelty-free brand, but as of December, I fell in love with all things vegan too. I was sent a sensitive skin care sample by the lovely Sara and immediately knew that Arbonne was the vegan, cruelty free and gluten free brand for me. I'm obsessed with the Care range, and the moisturiser in particular. At £30 (£24 for Preferred Clients) its not the cheapest of products but I, for one, do not begrudge paying that for such a great moisturiser. I've tried a fair few over the years, but this is by far my favourite and I'll be sticking with it forever!

Also from Arbonne, I've taken to using the shea butter lip balm. I've never known a lip balm to work as well, and as quickly on my dry lips so it quickly became a winner in my eyes.

Surprisingly, not Arbonne! But only because I haven't tried any of the makeup yet. Late last year I won a giveaway, and the prize was a Urban Decay Troublemaker mascara. I'd not tried UD before so getting to finally try it for free was a bonus. I hadn't read any reviews or anything so I didn't really know what to expect but when I finally started using it, I *loved* it. I have weird, gappy eyelashes and this mascara is without a doubt the best I've used to get them looking slightly fuller. Still not perfect, but they're getting there! 

Lately I've really got into MUA and bought myself a few of their velvet matte liquid lipsticks. The colours are absolutely beautiful, and so vibrant. They do dry my lips out which is a bit crap but I love 'em anyway. My favourite of the few I have is Ravish, and one I wear most. I still haven't braved the purple one; Kooky yet!


LETSCOM Fitness tracker 
I have a full review of this coming but I bought myself a fitness tracker and I'm a little bit obsessed with it. 

Arbonne Protein Snack Bars 
Dark chocolate and sea salt flavour, umm yes please?! I've never had a protein bar before so I had no idea what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. They're main ingredients are rolled oats, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and date paste. None of which I like on their own but mixed with chocolate they're very good! I'm very eager to try the pumpkin seed and cranberry ones next! 

I'm OBSESSED with these things! They're little packs of fizzy caffeine and they're to die for. I used to have them in water, but towards the end of the month I swapped my usual cup of breakfast tea for Arbonne herbal tea (caffeine free), added a fizz stick and I don't want to go back to normal tea now. The caffeine rush lasts all day too which has been very handy for the eight month sleep regression these last couple of weeks. 

What did you love in March? What else do I need to binge on Netflix? 

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