Friday 21 May 2021

Diary Entry #18

It was mine and Josh's two year anniversary last week! Two whole years, I can't believe it. Josh was working that day so we did our present swap the Saturday before - our gifts had been staring us out for a month and we just couldn't wait any longer!

I got Josh a set of screwdriver bits (which he was genuinely absolutely thrilled about) and a bottle of Scotch. He got me a gorgeous pair of earrings from Shop Fairy - my favourite small business for jewellery! - a gorgeous purple lounge wear set and the cutest avocado cushion! I love it all, I was so happy! 

On the day of our actual anniversary we decided to treat ourselves to a takeaway and watched Ace Ventura - another film that Josh had never watched before! And he says I've never seen anything...

We decided to spend our child-free weekend charity shopping! Unfortunately we only went on the Sunday, which meant that not all of the charity shops were open, but I didn't do too bad! I got two dresses, two jumpers, a pair of trousers and a top. 

Unfortunately only the jumpers and top fit, which I'm absolutely devastated about, but as I'm still trying to lose weight I'm hoping to fit into everything else eventually anyway. Although I did end up giving one of the dresses to my sister-in-law. Despite half of the clothes not fitting well enough, I think that's probably the most successful charity shopping trip I've had for clothes for myself in ages! I usually tend to pick more up for Charlie than myself, but I actually didn't find anything for him this time. 

This Tuesday, I decided to not take Charlie to nursery. Partially helped by the fact that he slept in really late and I didn't feel like rushing around trying to get him ready. I decided to spend the whole day just concentrating on him and his needs and you know what? It was the nicest day we've had together in a really long time. I usually let him have a day off when he's poorly with a cold but within a couple of hours he's bouncing off the walls and driving me crazy while I'm trying to get on with other things. So, although he wasn't ill, I decided to forget about anything I wanted or needed to do, and made him my top priority. 

He slept in until around 9am, then we cuddled up in my bed together, watching TV. We were on video call to his Dad for an hour, playing with the filters and games. After that, I treated him to fun-time bath with a special bath bomb and we played for ages. Then it was pyjamas on, lunch, more TV and then some more games and colouring. It was literally the most perfect day. 

It's been so nice having so many lovely days to think back on lately! Things are looking up...

Until next time,
Saph x

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