Friday 27 March 2020

How I Celebrated Ostara | Day Three

*Note that this post is written in present tense, as I was writing this on the day of Ostara. I found it easier to keep it in present tense rather than try to reword it into past tense!*

It's officially Ostara! Now is the time to start on any plans or goals that you want to complete this year. Goddess knows I have plenty!

Saturday 21st March
I have been considering getting back into learning French for a long time now. My (Scottish) best friend is fluent in French, and I would love to converse with her in French one day - and not just the odd Oui and Merci here and there! I quite compulsively reinstalled the Duolingo app late last night and spent over an hour going through some phrases.

In the morning, I decided to read a couple of chapters of my new book in bed; The Witches Kiss by Katherine & Elizabeth Corr. Obviously it had to be a book about a witch. After breakfast, I had a cup of tea in the garden as it was sunny! Nothing like a bit of sunshine and fresh air first thing.

We decided to go out for a walk and take Charlie to the park. We also rescued a ladybird! Josh found it in the sandpit, picked it up and gave it to me. It sat on my arm for a full 40 minutes. I even ended up taking it home with me! Five minutes after being home, it started to walk around me a bit faster, and finally took off from the palm of my hand. I was so pleased to see it fly off, it's nice to think that we saved it.

Saturday was an extremely outdoorsy day, as when we got home, we went straight back out into the garden and Josh built himself a gorgeous new planter. Charlie played and I read and practiced more French. It was the perfect day and I'm so happy with how I spent my first Ostara.

I also decided not to celebrate on the 22nd, and enjoyed Mother's Day instead.

I hope you enjoyed these posts, and I can't wait for Beltane in May!

Until next time,
Saph x

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