Friday 22 September 2017

My Minimalistic Bedroom Goals

I think we've all gathered by now that I own way too much stuff. But I want to make it clear just how much I own, and what I plan to do about it.
I have a ridiculous amount of storage space. I have 22 drawers in my bedroom, a cupboard, a desk, a wardrobe and a bookshelf with six shelves. And every part of my room is stuffed with well, stuff. Oh, and I have a medium sized suitcase currently full of clothes I can't currently wear. 

Less Clothes and Less Storage Space
Ideally I want to be able to be able to reduce the amount of clothes I own so I that it all fits into my wardrobe: seasonally at least. While I'm working on losing the baby weight, I'll also be doing Project 333. Reducing my clothes that much means I will be able to get rid of nine of my drawers and free up my window space for once! I might, however, need to get a slightly bigger wardrobe because it is ridiculously teeny, even for the most minimal of minimalists. 

Get a Studio Space
I'm hoping to move my desk into my future studio space. I absolutely hate having it in my room, I barely use it - except to clutter it up! However, having it in my studio would mean that I will be forced to keep it tidy, and it will technically be three less things in my room (desk, chair and printer). Having a studio space will also mean that all of my photography equipment will be stored there full time - even less stuff in my room!

Find My Aesthetic
Pretty much everything I own is a clash of cutesy, gothic and quirky and it drives me insane. I really want to try and discover the aesthetic that fits me best and keep my room in that style. This will affect my bookshelf most, as that is where I keep a majority of my decorative items and trinkets.

I've got a lot of work to do.

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