Friday 22 July 2022

Weekly Budget Round Up | 11th-17th July

I feel like I haven't been tracking my spending habits all that well this year, so I thought this month I would try a weekly budget round up! It's definitely going to help me see how I'm spending my money and what I need to change. I haven't included my savings or what I owed people, this is literally just to see how I spend after that.

Misc. | Credit
Zero pounds and zero pennies spent on my credit card this week!

Misc. | Debit
On Monday I decided to book myself, Josh & Charlie in to the cinema for Thursday to watch Minions The Rise of Gru. Using my Blue Light Card, it only cost £20.22 for three tickets! I also ended up making a massive Shein order. It came to £104 but after adding one of their vouchers it came to £71.48. I also bought myself a mini diary for £1.75  (+£3.50 delivery) from Paperchase, so I can keep track of my plans and work my shifts around them and vice versa. Saturday, we went to Folkestone and did a bit of shopping in the Bargain Warehouse and Home Bargains. I spent £42 on drinks, chocolate and washing pods. In Home Bargains I spent £11.69 on a hand gel to clip onto my lanyard for work, a lavender roll on to help me sleep, more chocolate, a peppa pig bucket and spade set for Charlie as we were about to go to the beach, and a pair of sandals for him.

On Monday, I ended up ordering a KFC for lunch. I only ordered a vegan burger and a large popcorn chicken. Including a tip, I spent £15.67. I didn't even notice I spent that much, and I actually felt sick typing this up. I also took Charlie to the shop after school for drinks and spent £6.12. Tuesday, I was really craving Subway for lunch and spent £13.92. Wednesday I ended up uber-eating food at work AGAIN. I spent £31.22 on lunch and dinner. I had to go to the village shop twice in two days, once for cinema snacks, and once for lunch/dinner for work.  I spent £21.78. Saturday we stopped off in McDonalds on our way to Folkestone and we spent £14.04 on lunch.
£72.80 over budget.

My sister asked for White Musk perfume for her birthday, so last week I spent £23 buying her the White Musk eau de toilette and the White Musk roll on to keep in her bag. I still had £27 left on my budget for Vicky, and I spent £5.52 on a gift bag and birthday cards for her from Paperchase. £21.48 left on the budget.
While I was at it I also bought Charlie a birthday card, gift bag and birthday badge and spent £11.89.
In Home bargains, Charlie bought his auntie a chocolate heart for her birthday for £1.49. - £19.99 left on the budget.
Sunday, Charlie was bugging me to use my headphones - which I was currently using - so I had a little huff and went onto the Currys website where he picked his own to have for his birthday. He picked a Spiderman pair for £24.29. I was willing to spend closer to £30 on a different pair but he insisted he wanted the cheaper looking pair, bless him!
£63.62 left on Charlie's budget for cake, balloons and maybe another present.

Total spent this week: £274.80. Oops.

Until next time,
Saph x

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