Friday 8 July 2022

Legoland Photo Diary

I finally got to take my boys to Legoland! I paid for myself, Josh and Charlie to stay overnight in the Legoland hotel. It was blimming expensive, but well worth it in my opinion! We set off much later than we expected on the Saturday, and got stuck in traffic. An hours drive turned into three hours and I for one was so glad I'd booked us in overnight.

We arrived at the hotel and then wasn't entirely sure what to do, as check in wasn't until 4pm. I went to the reception and asked how we get to the park. We were given a key card to access the lift that takes us to the parks entrance via the Hotel! Nobody checked we were actually staying there, and nobody checked we'd even paid for a ticket that day. But we were in and we had four hours to get on some rides before the park shut. Unfortunately, we spent the majority of those four hours in the queue for the Ninjago ride, and the Deep Sea Adventure ride, which had a technical fault. The Ninjago ride was well worth the wait though, Charlie loved it!

We went in the Haunted House Party and had no idea what to expect. Josh was fooled into thinking that it was literally a party for the children, so imagine his surprise when it ended up being his favourite ride of the weekend! Charlie absolutely hated it though. By the time 5:30 rolled round, we were well and truly fed up with the queues and ready to get into the room. Josh went to grab our suitcase from the car while I collected the keys and up we went. I wish I'd taken more photos of the hotel room because it was massive, my photos really don't do it justice! Charlie was absolutely thrilled with his "room" and loved the bunk bed.

Once we were unpacked and rested, we headed downstairs in the hope that the restaurant had room for us. Unfortunately they were fully booked, but the Skyline Bar across the hall had space for us! We were seated by Emily, a lovely Irish woman who absolutely cracked me up. We ordered food and drinks at the bar, but an hour later, no food had arrived. Thankfully the staff were really nice about it and as they hadn't received our order ticket, they gave us two double rum and cokes on the house, and our food was with us not long after that. I had the grilled halloumi salad and Josh and Charlie had beef burgers and chips. They had entertainment running for the kids and a playhouse so Charlie was well entertained during the wait!

After dinner, we headed up to the room where Charlie watched Lego TV until bed and Josh and I planned our itinerary for the Sunday. I decided to pay for Reserve & Ride for Sunday, as I didn't really want to spend the whole day in queues again! Although as hotel guests, we got priority for an hour when the park opened. It was eerie how quiet it was after being so busy Saturday afternoon!

We packed in so much more rides on Sunday for being there all day and having priority! We had much more fun and got to explore a lot more of the park. Charlie got to meet Lloyd and Jay from Ninjago and got his photo taken with them! He loved meeting Jay. Charlie got his drivers licence, drove a boat and loved the Fairy Tale Brook. Unfortunately he hated most of the rides we went on over the weekend, and didn't even get to go on his favourite one again due to a technical fault!

It was so worth going though, and even though the thought of having to pay £639 off my credit card made me want to cry, I'm so glad we stayed in the hotel. I do wish we'd packed more food with us though. We spent an absolute fortune on food over the weekend, including £6.95 per hot dog and £40 on lunch at Costa of all places! I cannot express how much of a difference paying for Reserve & Ride makes! We still had to do a bit of waiting in queues, but not nearly as much with Reserve & Ride! It was £75 for the three of us but it was well worth it. It's a pain only being able to reserve one ride at a time though.

Until next time,
Saph x

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