Monday 18 July 2022

How to Embrace the Minimalist Lifestyle

The minimalist lifestyle has many benefits worth considering. For starters, it encourages you to spend less and save more, leading to financial stability. Likewise, you focus on acquiring fewer but high-quality possessions, eliminating excess clutter. The minimalist lifestyle is also stress-free, as you have fewer things to clean or worry about. Statistics also indicate that the minimalist home style is popular among British house hunters. So, are you planning to embrace the minimalist lifestyle? If yes, here’s how to achieve the best results. 

Change your Mindset
While minimalism is a great idea, jumping into it without adequate preparation may not be sustainable. This makes it essential to change your mindset. One effective way to achieve this is to self-reflect, as it helps you examine how you’re living currently. A thorough self-reflection can help you identify certain habits that could undermine your minimalist goals. For instance, impulse buying can cause you to buy more than you need and cause cluttering. Fortunately, you can easily identify and eliminate this and other habits to fully
embrace the minimalist lifestyle. Likewise, you’ll find it easier to identify and eliminate things that trigger unhealthy eating, stress and anxiety.
It’s also important to understand that minimalism goes beyond living with fewer things. It also
means finding satisfaction and joy in what you have and valuing experiences over
possessions. Therefore, you must let go of the mindset that more stuff will make you happy.
The good thing is that you don’t have to achieve this in a day; taking small steps is beneficial. For instance, you can begin by minimising phone apps, eliminating junk in your office workspace and decluttering your home. You can also wait a week before buying an item to fully determine if you need it!

Incorporate Minimalism in your Home
The home is a great way for people to express their lifestyle, values and experiences. If you’re new to minimalism, chances are your home expresses the maximalist lifestyle. Therefore, you’ll find it beneficial to transform your living space to reflect your new values. A minimalist home can improve your family’s health, as you deal with less dust, dirt and space for vermin to hide. You can also look forward to a more cosy environment after a long day’s work. To begin, eliminate excess clutter in your living space. 
As a tip, tackle one room at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Consequently, ensure that you’re
only keeping what you need and donate or sell what you don’t need. However, remember that minimalism doesn’t prevent you from creating a sophisticated home. Instead, you have to work with fewer items. Therefore, investing in top-quality items makes sense. For instance, you can spruce up your dining room by purchasing velvet dining chairs, so keep this in mind. You can also change your colour scheme, favouring neutral tones. You can also add a pop of colour for the best results. If you love art, you can consider
using a large canvas as a focal point instead of several smaller art pieces.

Declutter your Mind
Minimalism isn’t limited to physical aspects alone. You may not fully embrace the minimalist
lifestyle if you walk around with a cluttered mind. Mental clutter can cost you your peace of mind while elevating your stress and anxiety levels. This, in turn, can trigger you to adopt unhealthy lifestyles. Therefore, it’s essential to let go of debilitating thoughts. The first step is ascertaining what type of mental clutter you carry. For example, regrets over past mistakes can prevent you from taking helpful opportunities. Likewise, fear, guilt, shame, worry and negative self-talks are all mental clutter people carry around. It’s important to forgive yourself for any past mistakes and remember that you can’t be perfect. You can also eliminate fear by positively leveraging your imagination, so keep this in mind. Also, facing situations that cause you to fear can be helpful, so feel free to consider this. Consequently, writing down stressful moments can help you identify ways to deal with them.

Simplify your Wardrobe
Another step towards a minimalist lifestyle is to simplify your wardrobe. This way, you can put out clothes you don’t wear and avoid the stress of picking out an attire. Moreover, this lifestyle makes investing in fewer but more durable clothes and accessories easier. You can begin by cleaning out your wardrobe, donating what you can and re-purposing the rest. It’s also helpful to determine your unique style and buy the most suitable items. Likewise, take care of your clothes, shoes and accessories to avoid replacing them earlier than necessary.

The minimalist lifestyle can be fulfilling, but it requires patience to fully embrace it. Hopefully,
you can leverage these tips to achieve the best results!

Until next time,
Saph x 

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  1. I’ve been meaning to declutter my wardrobe since the pandemic started. I REALLY need to do it when I’m better.

  2. Hi Saph,

    Decluttering the mind lets one be a minimalist. First, clear mental baggage. Clearing your physical space follows. I dig your advice because my wife and I are digital nomads; being minimalists is a necessity.