Wednesday 2 March 2022

Low Spend February | How I Did

My first "low spend" month is complete! In case you haven't already read my February Budget post, I got out £200 in cash and £50 in vouchers to spend for the entirety of the month. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite stick to my cash-only budget.

Initially the low spend budget was for all 28 days of February but I actually got paid two days early so called it off to go shopping in Bluewater. Naturally. Now, who wants to see how my budgeting went?

Please note, I have rounded up all the figures below as I didn't always receive receipts and can't remember exact prices. This list also doesn't include bills.

Card Purchases

Gifts: £69
Clothes: £100
Food: £67
Misc.: £24

I didn't intend on doing any shopping for birthdays this month so I was blindsided slightly when I realised I did in fact have 3 birthdays to buy for. Oops. Thankfully I didn't actually have to shop for the items myself, so I wasn't tempted by anything else, I just had to transfer the money from my account into Joshs.

I think my biggest card purchase regret is my £80 order from Boohoo. I have a jacket that I'm not 100% sure how I feel about but don't want the hassle of returning it, and I got trainers that ended up being way to big for me but thankfully MIL had them off me. I'm just glad that the bodysuits, dress and shorts worked out in my favour...

Honestly though, I'm really proud of myself that I only did one impulse online purchase and it took me until we were 3 weeks into the month to do it! That's a huge improvement for me.

Cash Purchases

Food: £60
Clothes: £20
Misc.: £40

My Misc. between both card and cash include medicine, toilet roll, washing pods, gift collection for work and gifts for Charlie. My biggest impulse buy was definitely the clothes. I didn't really need them but I feel in love with a pair of green trousers and a floral dress from Poundland. I couldn't resist!

By the time payday rolled around I did actually have just over £80 left of my £200 cash, plus I still had my £20 HM voucher! After a trip to Bluewater I was left with £44.60 and the voucher. So overall I'm actually pretty impressed with how I managed my cash! I definitely expected to have nothing but pennies left by the end of the month.

I will definitely be having a long hard think of how I can improve for March!

Until next time,
Saph x

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