Wednesday 30 March 2022

March Recap & April Goals

Another month of 2022 down already, I can't believe how quickly it's going! March has been an interesting month. I went to a funeral, done some more training courses for work, enjoyed a drive to Brighton for the first time (and a drive straight back) and even did some socialising outside of work!

My friend at work arranged a girls night at hers with some of her non-work friends and kindly invited me. It was my first non-family girls night in literally 5 years and wow, it just made me want to socialise constantly! Obviously I was already aware that I miss socialising and going out with friends but I really didn't realise how much until that night.

The funeral for Charlie's great Nan was absolutely beautiful and it was a very emotional day. She had a horse and carriage bring her in and the service was so lovely. 

The humanitarian actually knew her and the family, so it was actually a really personal service, rather than some robotic-reading-a-speech that you usually get at funerals. After the service we all went to a pub and got very drunk which I'm sure she would have highly approved of.

March Goals

Look after myself
I've actually been slacking on this! I've been keeping my nails tidy but I haven't been using my oil or painting them! I only occasionally dressed up for work too but it was easier once I'd bought myself some new jeans, so I wasn't wearing joggers constantly. I did actually have a few people comment that I look like I've lost weight lately so that's made me feel really happy! I have also been pretty good at taking my vitamins.

I'm actually really enjoy using the Yoga for Beginners app! I've been sticking to the once a week routine and so far the sessions are only 9-10 minutes long so it's really easy to fit it into my days off or before work.

Low Spend
March has definitely not been a low spend month. I spent £145 in Specsavers, then went straight across to New Look and spent another £70. Not to mention the £150+ I spent with small bank balance was making me cry halfway through the month.

April Goals

I'm really looking forward to April! April is the month we finally go on our family glamping trip and celebrate my mums and nephews birthdays. Hopefully it's going to be really good fun and our fingers are crossed for some lovely weather!

Exercise Routine
This month I want to do yoga twice a week and start working out my arms more! I'd love to have toned arms so I think I'm going to start using my resistance bands again, at least once a week. I also want to try and teach myself how to do push ups! I usually fall on my face when I try to do them so I'm determined to use April to get better at them.

Low Spend Month
I completely overspent in March and I need to chill! I'm aiming to not buy anymore clothes in particular but now the weather is getting warmer...that may be harder to achieve.

What are your goals for April? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,
Saph x

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