Friday 9 July 2021

21 Books of 2021

I did it! I have already read 21 books this year and I'm so pleased with myself! I have actually read more Kindle books than physical books this year, and it's been a nice change. I have also been reading more genres! I tend to live on detective novels but it's been really nice to read other things.

I have already reviewed some of the books I have read this year so I will link to those if you would like to read more about them.

Content Warning/Trigger Warning: Weight Loss mentioned

Genre One: Detective Novels:
As always, I started the year reading my typical picks of detective novels! I actually started by re-reading the first book in the Ragdoll trilogy by Daniel Cole. You can read my blog post about the trilogy here.

I followed on from Daniel with Alex Carvers Inspector Stone Mysteries. I absolutely love his books and I have a spoiler-free review of the series here.

Genre Two: Romantic Comedies:
Due to having a Kindle Unlimited trial, I thought I would branch out into romantic comedies and gave #NoFilter a go! It wasn't brilliant, if I'm brutally honest. It's about a full-time blogger and she's a bit irritating and repeats things constantly - but the romance part of it was great! There's a small chance I would read it again, I really enjoyed Libby and Charlie's relationship.

I also read the Diary of An Adorable Fat Girl trilogy. They were extremely short books, maybe slightly too short for a couple of them. They were quite enjoyable though! They were very Bridget-Jones-Meets-Slimming-World.

Losing My Inhibitions by Olivia Spring was by far my favourite of the romantic comedies! Recently divorced cougar meets a young, sexy man and I'm sure you know where this story goes. Easily the steamiest book I've read in a while, I loved it. 

Genre Three: Self-Help
Wow, I really dove deep into self help books this year. You could say I am feeling pretty sick and tired of always feeling rubbish about myself and never being able to keep my motivation. You would be correct. Some of these books were great, and some of them I regret spending £8.99 on...

Hygge: Discovering The Danish Art of Happiness - How to Live Cozily and Enjoy Life's Simple Pleasures
I am so relieved I got this through Kindle Unlimited because daaamnn this book was boring. 

Weight Loss Psychology for Women: Kick the Fat Girl Out of Your Head and Lose the Weight Permanently by Felicia Urban
I actually found this book really helpful! I need to read it again because I haven't lost any weight recently but I remember feeling so inspired while reading.

The No-Spend Challenge Guide, Jen Smith
I think this was probably my favourite self-help book, and definitely one I need to read again! As I have recently started trying to budget properly again, I will be reading it again soon.

The Minimalist Way: Minimalism Strategies to Declutter Your Life and Make Room for Joy
I loved this book, and I ended up buying it after I cancelled my Kindle Unlimited subscription. It's definitely one I will refer to multiple times over my minimalism journey.

How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t
If you were wondering which book I regret buying, it would be this one. Maybe it was just because I was reading too many of these kinds of books in a row that it was starting to feel samey and like a load of sh*t. But as I spent money on it, I will read it again and maybe actually try the helpful activities this time...

The Anti-Diet Lifestyle
I actually barely remember reading this one. It was definitely a book I read very quickly, and if I remember rightly, there were only four tips. If I decide to get my Kindle Unlimited subscription up and running again, I may read this one again!

Weight Loss Psychology for Women: Powerful Strategies and Motivational Quotes to Ignite Your Weight Loss Success
I definitely didn't enjoy this book as much as the first one, and it completely put me off checking out the rest of these books!

Simple Living: 55 Ways to Declutter Your Life, Reduce Stress and Be a Happier Person by Theodore Maddox
Decluttering books are easily my favourite books, I really enjoyed this one too and will be another one I refer to again.

You Are a Badass Every Day
I actually smashed this one out in an hour one night when I couldn't sleep! It's very similar to How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t but it's a much shorter book, written in a much peppier way with no "this is what my client did" stories so it's actually much easier to read and digest! 

I can't wait to get some more reading done!

Until next time,
Saph x

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