Monday 8 February 2021

January Spending Ban Haul

A haul? For a spending ban? Yup.

The first few weeks of the spending ban are always the hardest. If I get bored or upset my first instinct is to buy something. I was back in isolation and bored as hell. The first few days were okay, as I'd bought myself some games for my DS (old school, I know) back in December but it wasn't long before I didn't want to play anything. 

By January 4th my money was burning a hole in my pocket, so I bought my sisters birthday presents. Her birthday is January 27th. However, that doesn't go against my spending ban, as I had to buy her presents! 

By the end of the month I had spent:
  • £39.99 on a massager
  • £6.98 on Homescapes (not proud of that one!)
  • £7.60 on a gorgeous notepad from Art By Lena
  • £20 on a National Lottery account
  • £8.45 on an anti-fog spray for my glasses - this was probably my best purchase; it actually works! I can finally see in shops while wearing my mask
  • £6 on eco-friendly nail polish remover pads

Not to mention anything I'd bought from the corner shop, clothes for Charlie and workout gear as I count these as "Can Buys." So I spent £109 in total. To be fair though, apart from spending real money on a game, I'd say my purchases this month were much more reasonable than they usually would be! At least the lottery money could potentially be life changing...

I have signed up to Everyday Offers with my bank so I will get a little bit of cashback from some of my necessary spending, but not a whole lot. Although I didn't do too badly, I have definitely got a lot to work on this month! Things will be better in February.

Until next time,
Saph x

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