Friday 4 December 2020

What I Read in November 2020

I read a grand total of three books last month and I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself about that! So here's a quick recap and review of what I read in November.

Letters to my Past, Grace Hemphill
I had tears in my eyes reading these poems. Partially because it was so shocking to see what Grace has gone through, and partially because I could relate to so much of it myself! It was so haunting.

I love the book itself. It's all printed on black pages with white writing, so it's all very dramatic! The pages definitely suit what's written on them.

Pieces of Her, Karin Slaughter
I'm a bit disappointed by this one to be honest! I love Karin Slaughter so I was really excited to read it, but I honestly just found it a bit waffley. The plotline was great, but I did find myself skimming a lot of the pages. It could have easily been at least one 100 pages shorter.

The Pi**ed Off Parents Club, Mink Elliott
I was not disappointed with this book at all! I was hooked from page one. I'll be honest, it's very similar to Why Mummy Doesn't Give a F**k! by Gill Sims, but a hell of a lot less whiney! It's very relatable, and surprisingly light-hearted despite the title. I was actually able to finish this book within eight hours of starting it! I am very glad I borrowed it, and now I want to start my own POP Club!

Bring me to Light, Eleanor Segall
I was immediately hooked on Eleanor's autobiography. Ellie is someone I consider a close personal friend of mine but that being said, I have only known her a few months. Reading this has certainly been one way to get to know her better! She has bipolar disorder and social anxiety, and this book really shows that she hasn't let it get the better of her. She's achieved some incredible things in her life despite some setbacks, and as someone who also suffers with mental illnesses (depression and anxiety) it's such an inspiring read. I will definitely be recommending this to everyone and anyone.

I definitely read some fab books last month, I wonder what I'll read next...

Until next time,
Saph x

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