Monday 9 March 2020

Ostara & Ways to Celebrate

Ostara is a celebration of the start of spring. Winter is coming to an end and it's getting to the time where we need to shake off the winter, and move full force ahead. It's the time for throwing out the old and taking on the new, gaining a fresh perspective on things, and a good old fashioned spring clean. Ostara is also the time for celebrating fertility. 

You're probably thinking "this sounds an awful lot like Easter." You're right. Easter is the Christian version, and is usually celebrated in March or April (12th April this year folks!). Like most holidays, the date for Ostara can change but is generally celebrated on March 21st. I have decided to make a weekend of it, and celebrate it from the 19th-22nd.

Many witches around this time would be doing rituals and decorating their altars to fit the Sabbat. I, however, at this time do not class myself as a witch, and do not yet have an altar, or take part in rituals. One day I will, but I don't have the space for magickal workings yet! So, I'm finding other ways to celebrate the Spring Equinox. Here some simple ways to celebrate Ostara;

Wear green
Green, purple, yellow and orange are the main colours to represent Ostara. Wearing green represents the green earth arriving. You can even colour co-ordinate your make-up, nails or jewellery.

Decorate in Spring colours
Buy some pretty flowers, get some coloured candles burning, paint some eggs!

Go for a walk/get out in nature
A walk in the woods, feeding the birds, going to a farm or zoo. Just get out and about! I'm aiming for a walk in the woods, grab some flowers to press into my Wicca journal, and a farm visit.

Witches would normally be planting their herb garden, but again, I don't have space for that kind of thing. I do, however, have some plants that are in need of some TLC and repotting, so now would be the perfect time to get on that!

Spring Menu
You can even eat or drink accordingly if you want to! Green veggies, seeds, eggs, dairy, meat (or alternatives if you're veggie/vegan), edible flowers, "light" bread, and fresh juices all represent fertility.

Personal housekeeping
This one I read about in my Real Witches Handbook by Kate West! "Write a list of 20 plus points - things you're good at - and a list of 20 minus points, things you would like to improve." Try to avoid listing physical attributes! Especially in the minus points. I made a list similar, with my Habits to Change post, but I definitely want to give this "personal housekeeping" a go!

I'm really looking forward to celebrating Ostara for the first time, and I can't wait to update after the festivities! Will you be celebrating Ostara at all?

Until next time,
Saph x

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