Wednesday 11 December 2019

My New Exercise Regime and Healthy Habits

Yep, yet another fitness-based blog post. How many of those have I posted over the last two years, and then totally ignored? This one is different! I'm absolutely going to stick to it this time! Today, I want to talk about how I plan to lose a little more weight, and tone up. 

The majority of my latest weight loss is down to walking. I do a 40 minute walk, twice a day, four days a week taking Charlie to nursery and back. But there's only so much that walking alone can do. I really want to start working out properly again - but not overdo it. I've found the best way to stop myself from overdoing the exercise is by using the 8fit app. It sets you a regime to do based on your goals. I normally choose to lose weight, but this time I chose get fit and toned. 

Based on that, 8fit set me a level 2, 8 week regime of 4 workouts a week. But on top of doing their workouts, you can also log any other activities you do, and they go towards your weekly workout goal. I think the only issue I'm going to have is logging my weight loss, now I've gotten rid of my scales, I have no idea what my weight is! But I'm pretty sure I don't have to log my weight, I think as long as I'm logging my activities, I'll be making progress.

As well as walking, and my 8fit regime, I'm also going to be adding weight lifting and rebounder exercises. My weights are only 1.5kg, so I'm not sure how much good they'll be for how long, but at the moment they are pretty exhausting after five minutes! As for the rebounder, my sister is gifting me her trampette - she certainly won't be using it now she's pregnant! I'll be following rebounder/bounce videos on YouTube.

So, now I've decided on what I want to do, all that's left is to decide how regularly I want to do each form of exercise!

I haven't written down timings or anything, as the length changes on the 8fit workouts every day (depending on the routine), and I'll slowly build up everything else as I go and build up resistance. At the moment, I'll be starting slow and steady.

As for my healthy habits, I really want to start eating healthier, and drinking more water. My current goal is 600ml of water a day. I also want to eat more fruit and veg, and switch to brown bread. I already use a meal planner for dinners, but I think I'm going to start using it for all meals throughout the day. I also need to remember to take my multivitamins every day! 

Am I mad for trying to get fit over the Christmas period? Definitely. Am I going to let it stop me? Absolutely not. Wish me luck!

Until next time,
Saph x

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