Friday 13 December 2019

Charlie's Christmas Eve Box

Well it's officially nearly Christmas! This year I'm really excited about Charlie's Christmas Eve box. He's had one since his first Christmas, lovingly made by my Auntie and Uncle, and this is the first year I really want to make an effort with it, and he may have a better understanding of the concept. I'm really excited to start this little tradition properly! 

The first item in Charlie's box is this gorgeous little personalised book that my best friend Gail got him last year. It's the sweetest book and I can't wait to snuggle up with him and read it to him again! 

The second item was gifted by my Auntie, a magic key for Santa. I probably wouldn't have thought to buy one myself but as he has one, I can't not include it really can I?!

This boy loves chocolate so obviously I had to include some! Chocolate coins or santa lollies from Aldi were my top choice. I decided to go for the big pack of chocolate lollies, and I'll only be popping two in, and the rest...I've already eaten them. Not sorry.

Reindeer feed is a cute alternative to leaving out cookies, carrots and milk, and less waste if someone forgets to eat it! My sister introduced me to this idea last year. I've put some bird seed in a little organza bag, ready for us to scatter in the garden Christmas Eve. A bit of fun for Charlie, and food for the birds! Win win. 

I also picked up these gorgeous pyjamas from H&M for him to wear to bed on Christmas Eve. I bought them not really sure if they would fit in the box, but I was thrilled when I got them home and they did! 

I was thinking of including a little toy, but Charlie has so many, and will no doubt be getting tons for Christmas that I just didn't want to pay out for any more! So that's Charlie's Christmas Eve box for 2019. What will you be putting in your child's box this year?

Until next time,
Saph x

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