Monday 30 December 2019

Best Books of 2019

My reading goal for 2019 (and two months of 2018!) started off at 100. About six months in I realized it wasn't going to happen, and changed it to 30. Now 2019 is nearly over, I would love to share with you my eight favourite reads of 2019.

Three Dark Crowns series Kendare Blake
I believe I started reading Three Dark Crowns because of an Instagram book club I was part of early in the year, and I became so obsessed with it that I'd read all three books within three weeks. Then painstakingly had to wait until September for the final book to be released, and another month to get it for my birthday! I finally got to read it last month, and while it wasn't my favourite book of the series (are the last ones ever the favourite?) it certainly didn't let it down! 

Closer Than You Think Karen Rose 
The best book I've read by Karen Rose so far. I honestly couldn't figure out whodunnit and I was gripped from beginning to end. Definitely one I'd recommend and read over and over! 

Ragdoll Daniel Cole
A little bit sick and twisted but apparently, that's what I enjoy in fiction. 

You're The One That I Don't Want Alexandra Potter
This was so far from the crime thrillers I usually read but I absolutely loved it! I'm as partial to a good rom-com as any girl, but I loved the twist of the girl trying to get away from her soul mate. I already want to read it again. Unfortunately, it ended up being donated. Fingers crossed I can find it again!

Puppet Master Joanne Owen
I have actually owned this book a little over a decade now. I won it at school, and have read it multiple times, but not for over a year! My original final book for 2019 was supposed to be Then She Was Gone Lisa Jewell but after getting PM back from my Mum a few days ago, I knew I had to finish the year with it. I absolutely adore this book, there's nothing I don't love about it! The storyline, the history, the fact it's set in Prague...even the pages themselves are beautiful. I think this will be a book that will still have a place on my bookcase when I'm 85 and can't even see to read anymore. 

I have to say, I honestly think my overall favourite (other than Puppet Master!) was Closer Than You Think, closely followed by the first book of the Three Dark Crowns series! I can't wait to read more Karen Rose novels in 2020, and I'll definitely be keeping the TDC's books for years to come.

What was your favourite read of 2019?

Until next time,
Saph x

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