Monday 6 August 2018

What Self Care Looks Like to Me

I have been feeling pretty miserable lately. I thrive on having some alone time and, as a single mother, I obviously don't get very much of that at all. There's always lots I need or want to do, and not being able to do these things really affects my mental state. Today, I'm writing this to remind myself what makes me feel better, and to motivate myself to get up and go when Charlie lets me.
If I feel like crap, I probably look like crap too, and something as simple as a good scrub in the shower makes me feel a ton better. 

Tidy my bedroom 
My bedroom has been an absolute shithole lately. The last few weeks, Charlie has only been having naps long enough for me to eat lunch and wash up, OR shower and get dressed if I'm lucky. Recently, I decided to save my usual chores for later, and had a good tidy up. Amazingly, Charlie actually slept for an entire HOUR a couple weeks ago and I got so much done. Not only did my bedroom look better, but I felt a lot better too. 

I don't work out anywhere near as much as I should or want to. I don't even go out for a walk as regularly as I keep saying I should. I definitely want to make more time for exercise - I miss the endorphin rush! I actually managed a 15 minute workout last week when Charlie napped and I felt incredible afterwards. Even the aches for a few days later made me smile, and eager to get back to it! Feel free to follow my fitness account on insta!

I definitely don't get as much time to blog as I'd like. I usually start typing up a draft as I'm trying to get Charlie down for naps or bed, as I have to stick around until he finishes his bottle. But I can't remember the last time I took my time to get a great (or at least useable) photo for blog posts. I have tons of ideas, but no time! 

I feel like this is a more 'stereotypical' self care item to put on the list but it is so important! I love getting lost in a book, and being away from a screen for a good few hours (if I'm lucky) at a time does me a world of good. I'm loving reading so much more since I started tracking my progress on Goodreads too! 

Get outside 
Whether it's sitting out in the garden, popping to the shop or going for a walk, I need to get out more. Admittedly, I've not really wanted to go out, or take Charlie out in this ridiculously hot weather, but ya gal just needs some fresh air and a change of scenery sometimes. 

Some of these can just be put down to time management. For example, in the past while I waited for the kettle to boil to make Charlie's bottle, I'd do some sternum(ish) height push ups just to get some form of exercise in! It wasn't a lot, but it was something and I should definitely start doing that again! 

I also really need to get into the habit of doing little bits and pieces as I go. I'm quite good at picking stuff up to put in the bin as I move from room-to-room, or taking washing up to the kitchen. My trouble is putting things back in their place when I'm finished with them or taking something upstairs when I go. So I definitely think that (and my sister will agree!) is something that I can - and will! - improve on. 

Recently, I created a little motto for myself:
Roll on a better life of getting shit done and having fun
It has definitely helped in motivating myself to keep checking things off my to do list, working towards my goals, and reminding me to make sure to meet up with friends. I'm dying to meet up with my lovely Mum friends, and now Charlie has fully recovered from his viral infection, I'll be sure to drop them a message and get something arranged! I just really want to stop feeling miserable, and getting organised and going out is definitely going to help with that.

Self care isn't the same for everyone, but it's important all the same. Whether it's a face mask and getting your nails done (who DOESN'T feel better for that?) or doing those chores that have been building up, self care is self care. What does self care look like for you? 

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