Monday 4 June 2018

40 New Things in 40 Days | Days 31-37

These 40 days are going by so quickly! Not sure what I'm talking about? Check out the original post here. 

Day 31: Relaxed
I actually had a pretty chilled out day! Charlie went for two naps (this is no longer a daily occurrence!) and Ash actually fell asleep for the second one too. So I got time to get comfy on my bed and read a couple of magazines. Bliss.

Day 32: Party Planning
Putting things together ready for Charlies birthday officially started today. The guest list is done, we've started buying things for it and I finally got to view the venue. It's already coming together really well and I can't wait for the day! Although I definitely don't want it to come around too quickly...there's still a lot to do!
Charlie even got a free balloon from the lady working in the card shop! 

Day 33 - 35
I had a bit of a blip and forgot to do anything for a few days. Oops.

Day 36: Mum & Daves Leaving Party
It's official, Mum and Dave are off celebrating their new life together in Sheppey, and we had a party to bid them farewell and good luck.

Day 37: I uninstalled all dating apps
I say 'all' like I had a lot - I had three. I realised its beyond pointless being on them and talking to people when I no longer have anyone to babysit Charlie for me, and keep having to cancel dates. Plus, I'm not exactly feeling much self confidence at the moment, so I need to give myself time to build that back up. I don't really have an interest in having a relationship with anyone right now anyway - just ~ r e l a t i o n s ~

I'm definitely starting to feel like I need to up my game a little bit. This week was pretty dull so it's about time I do something extraordinary. While also keeping to my spending ban

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