Monday 14 May 2018

40 New Things in 40 Days

Not long ago, I was scrolling through Twitter when I saw Emma tweet:

and I got intrigued. I immediately clicked on her profile and found a link to her blog post titled '40 New Things in 40 Days' and had a read. I was immediately inspired. I'm constantly being told/thinking that I need to live my life and actually get out there and do things. I nearly died, I got a second chance and what have I done with it? Apart from raise an amazing, gorgeous little boy, fuck all. The last time I did something particularly exciting was date a fuckboy back in January/February. So, after reading Emma's posts, I decided to make a list of things I want/can do in 40 days, and got started. 

Day One: Jaxons First Birthday Party
Admittedly I knew I was going to this a long time ago, but I really had to fight my anxiety about it on the day. I was determined to go (and I did!) but I was almost in tears over it. Bit pathetic really. Plus, I hadn't actually been to a tiny childs party as an adult before, and certainly not as a Mum. But I couldn't wait to see the birthday boy and the proud Mama Kassy, and ended up having a lovely afternoon! I think part of my anxiety was due to the fact that Charlie had been grumpy all morning with teething pains, and hadn't eaten or napped, so I worried about him tantrum in. But he was perfect. He didn't grumble anywhere near as much as I thought he would and enjoyed all the attention he got! 
I totally forgot to take photos during this party! So here's a 'before' of me and an exhausted Charlie 'after'! 

Day Two: Signed up for Paintballing 
I've literally been wanting to go paintballing for at least 6 years and for the last week, I've seen people advertising it in my local Tesco. I finally got the balls to find out more information and signed up for their deal. Now I just need to find 9 other people to go with me...I'm torn between going within these 40 days or going for my birthday! Either way I'm super excited. Broke, but excited. 

Day Three: Saw my Sister 
I had to change my plans twice this day but I ended up seeing my sister and taking her, Charlie, and the child she was minding for a little walk in the sun. It was really lovely seeing her and catching up; I see her the least out of my two sisters and it was good to have her essentially to myself for once. I plan on making her do lots of walking with me in the near future! 

Day Four: I Left the House Again! 
Leaving the house every day is unheard of from me, so the fact that I've actually got up, got dressed and left the house four days in a row is absolutely something worth listing. I also did a 20 minute workout, bought a ton of fruit, AND managed to avoid the chocolate and cookies, despite being down the right aisle for it. #Healthkick 

Day Five: Stayed off my Phone for Over 2 hours 
Usually every morning I check my notifications either before I get up or during breakfast. Today, I wanted to challenge myself and ignore my phone for a while. I aimed to stay off it until at least 10:30am, when I was expecting Charlie to go down for a nap. He didn't go for a nap until gone 12 but I caved at around 11; which is bloody good for me! I'm not going to lie, it was difficult. I really had to stop myself from checking it but I managed it! I also had an hours nap in the afternoon which meant even less time on my phone. I'm pretty proud of myself to be honest, and I'm hoping to continue to spend less time on my phone. 

Day Six: Got Up with my Alarm 
I can't remember the last time I got up with my alarm! I'm a serial snoozer but for the last nine months I haven't even had an alarm to snooze, for fear of waking Charlie up. Last month I decided to set an alarm on my fitness tracker for 7:30am every morning. I didn't feel it go off once. Until this day! The buzzing finally woke me up and because it took me so long to figure out how to turn it off (open the VeryFitPro app) I was relatively awake. Don't get me wrong, I definitely considered going back to sleep but once I remembered why I set the alarm in the first place, and my 40 things challenge, I got up. I had OVER AN HOUR to myself before Charlie woke up and in that time I worked out (earliest work out ever!), washed and dressed, tidied my room a little and even got to enjoy breakfast without any interruptions. I was loving life. The rest of the day was absolute shite but I'm glad I got that first hour and 45 minutes to myself! 

Day Seven: Tried New Food
Actually I'd been trying new food all week, mostly in the form of Naked Noodles, but this day I got particularly excited about something else. I've tried houmous before and wasn't overly keen on it, but when I was in Tesco I spotted a Moroccan inspired houmous and thought I needed to try it. I got home and dipped a Quorn sausage roll in it and it was love at first taste. I immediately regretted only buying one pot. I think it's going to become a weekly buy now! 

What new thing have you done recently?

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  1. Omg this is amazing ♥️ I am so proud of you! Just think buy the end of the 40 days you might not even think before leaving the house you will just leave ♥️ super proud 😘😘😘

    1. Thank you so much Emma, this means a lot! Definitely seeing an improvement already xx

  2. Hahah I just thought of some activities I want to try, things I want to wear, food I want to cook/bake! Honestly you can do the simplest of things and it can count. I may write a blog post of some ideas! Xx