Tuesday 22 May 2018

The Spending Ban

I spend a ridiculous amount of money every month. Usually on chocolate or various other things I don't really need. This isn't good for my health or my minimalism. But mostly my bank account. I had over £2,000 in savings a year ago, now I'm down to £400, which I've literally just built back up today. Admittedly half of it went to Charlie, but even so. A spending ban is definitely needed. 

Obviously I still need to buy groceries and toiletries, but I really need to be more careful in the frivolous spending I usually do. As well as building up my current account, I desperately need to start saving again. I'm thinking for every day I don't buy chocolate, I'll add the equivalent amount to my savings. I usually buy two of Tescos own dark chocolate with mint oil for £1 each every week. That's £8 a week just on chocolate! So, if I add £2 to my account for every day I don't buy chocolate, and avoid it for 30 days, that's almost £80 I'll have saved! Challenge accepted! I've also just spent a week without eating eating chocolate; so I know I'm capable!

Things I Can Buy

Healthy food



Birthday Party Supplies

Travel tickets e.g. bus ticket

Things I Can't Buy 




Bags (including 10p bags) 

Chocolate (or other unhealthy snacks) 


Takeaways/Cafe food/drink

Also, once I worked out how much income I actually get a month, I set myself a budget of £300. I'm hoping to spend much less than this, but as I don't really know what kind of grocery shopping I'm going to be doing, I decided to over-budget. Just in case. I'm also going to be using the app Wallet, to track all of this. 

My ban actually started yesterday, as I got paid, but wish me luck! 

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  1. Thank you lovely! Ooh why don't you join me and let me know how you get on?! Xx