Monday 8 July 2024

Weekly Catch-up & Weekly Goals | Week 1

The first week of July is officially done! It's been a bit of a mixed bag to be honest. I've been really emotional, what with stress of wanting a new job but not finding anything, Charlie's birthday coming up and also my dearly departed dad's birthday this month too. It's hit me in the feels a lot earlier this month than it usually does, and I'm definitely struggling. 
But, on a happier note, I did get a matching tattoo with my bestie! We got this cute rainbow stamp from a local artists Pride Flash event. It's a lot bigger than we were expecting but we love it. We're seriously debating getting one every year and having a Pride theme leg sleeve. 

I've also mostly decided what I'm doing for Charlie's birthday! I originally was planning a pool party, but we've had some really horrendous weather so far so it's put me off a bit. Charlie also told me yesterday that he wants a football themed party so this morning I used my overtime wages from last night to order a bunch of decorations, and a couple of football themed presents that can double-up as party entertainment. 

Weekly Goals July 8th - 14th

So, I've made the decision to start sharing my week and weekly goals. I remember I did this years ago and it was a great way to keep me accountable on both my blog, and in life. I keep saying, but I really do want to blog more and I think this is a great way to ensure I'm blogging at least once a week, and may even spark inspiration for other posts.

Sort out my Sleep Schedule
I've barely been sleeping lately and I'm currently writing this on exactly zero hours sleep. I'm pretty much planning on staying awake today and through my shift, in the hopes that I will sleep like a baby tonight. I might actually take a Kalms Night tablet to work with me so I can take it on my way home.

Lift Weights
Last week, I didn't do too bad with my excercise. I did a fair amount of walking, certainly more than previous weeks. This week (ideally after a good nights sleep) I want to get back into weight lifting three times a week, as well as daily walks.

I've been watching too much TV and not enough reading lately. I did start a Stephen King book last month, and I'd really like to pick it up again.

What have you been up to in July so far? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,
Saph x

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