Friday 5 July 2024

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We have finally made some real progress in our bedroom! If you want to catch up on previous posts, you can read them under Home & Living

The room was officially clear of crap and it was time to get serious. We headed over to Homebase and spent forever picking out a colour for the walls. Originally we were going in for a dark blue but ended up getting a gorgeous dark green - Botanical Noir by Elle Decoration. We also picked up Absolute Granite. 
While I busied myself filling in the holes on the wardrobe/drawers, Josh was building us a gorgeous wall panel complete with a pine shelf! Which ended up with an oak varnish/stain to match the wardrobe.

Once that was fixed on, it was time to paint! The Absolute Granite went on like an Absolute Dream but the Botanical Noir needed more convincing. We should have primed the walls white first really but I had to go to work and Josh was left to his own devices, so we'll blame him for that one.

Can you believe building and painting was all completed within 1.5 days? My man knows how to get sh*t done and I love it. We are absolutely in love with how it's looking! I'm definitely glad we decided on a green instead of blue, it's much more us and still fits perfectly with my witchy theme. The only thing I'm not overly keen on is the industrial looking brackets Josh chose for the shelf, I thought he was buying pretty ones! So I was pretty disappointed when those turned up.

We also ordered black roller blinds and they've been absolute bliss since putting them up! So much better than curtains, we're very happy with them.

At some point we'll be replacing the carpet and we still need to buy or build bedside drawers. I'm mostly just looking forward to getting the mirror in it's final place and getting some decorative pieces - and PLANTS!

Until next time,
Saph x

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