Saturday 1 June 2024

June Goals

May has actually been quite an eventful month! We've celebrated our 5 year anniversary, done a load of DIY, celebrated a first birthday, and looked after 4 crazy dogs for two weeks. No wonder I'm tired! This month I have jury service! I am absolutely dreading it and do not want to go, at all. Sitting in a room full of strangers and having to listen intently to something? Literally my worst nightmare.

Half term was lovely, although it didn't fully go to plan as halfway through the week, Charlie got ill, and then I got ill. But Charlie started wanting to cook his own food, so I helped him cook mac n cheese, a beautiful chocolate cake and scrambled eggs. He absolutely loved it and it was so lovely seeing him taking an interest in something other than YouTube! He's suggested we make our own bakery business which is adorable.

We've got a few more birthdays this month, annoyingly all in the same week, bar one. Otherwise we don't really have any solid plans in place for June. So, onto my goals!

No Spend Month

I've been overly spendy in May, buying clothes and wedding bits. This month I want to crack down on my spending habits and try to resist. Or at least shop in charity shops if I am going to spend!

Be More Attentive 

After spending two weeks barely being at home, I feel like I've abandoned all those closest to me. I want to ditch my phone as much as possible and do more activities with Charlie and plan more play dates for him.

Make More Effort (with my appearance) 

I've been feeling pretty low and tired the last few weeks so I've not been making an effort with my appearance at all and it makes me feel even worse. This month I want to make sure I'm doing my nails regularly, putting together cute outfits and making an effort with my hair and makeup.

Work on the Bedroom

Since building our wardrobe, we haven't done anything else with the bedroom yet. We need to get rid of the massive pile of donations cluttering the room so we can do a deep clean and paint! I would love to at least get that done this month.

I think that's it for now! What are your goals for June?

Until next time,

Saph x

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