Monday 17 June 2024

Creating Space | Home Improvement

The wardrobe has been built, next on the list was a big old declutter! I have done a fair bit of decluttering over the last few months but it's all been piled up in the corner, still making the bedroom look messy.

We started by clearing off the side table I've been using to store my toiletries and makeup etc. and shipped it off to Josh's Mum. It's created so much room and we're absolutely loving it. 

The plan was to get a proper dressing table for myself but I found that one of the drawers in the wardrobe holds everything I need perfectly and we bought a full size mirror for the wall (which has yet to be put up) so I can just grab what I need quickly for my hair and makeup and we can enjoy having more space in the window.

Next to go was my little book trolley. I'm actually quite sad to see that go but luckily all my books fit on the shelf under the TV and it looks so much prettier! Plus, more room under the window.

Last but not least, the masses of bags of old clothes and books finally made its way to the charity shop. And that was it! The bay window was empty and ready to be cleaned and painted. 

I'm half tempted to get a chaise lounge or a tub chair for the aesthetic but it's honestly so nice just having pure floor space. Plus they're more expensive than I anticipated! Maybe we'll just fill it with big houseplants instead.

What would you do with the space? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,
Saph x

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