Friday 7 July 2023

My Pinky Creates Earring Collection

I love collecting things. I used to collect pin badges, but this year I'm all about funky earrings! I can't remember when exactly I discovered Pinky Creates but I believe it was someone doing a Pin for Pin retweeting sesh on twitter. I immediately loved the products but it was a few months before I made an order.

I fell in love with these blue daisy hearts! I couldn't resist them. I think Josh actually bought me these. I wore them constantly. The quality is absolutely amazing and they're so comfortable to wear.

Valentines Collection
The Valentines collection was released and I just knew I needed to have the chocolate dipped strawberry hearts. I also picked up the red roses on a white moon, and the red rose stamps.  And that was it, my collection had officially begun.

Bee Collection
I was obsessed with the bee collection. I could have ordered a lot more than I did but I was trying to be sensible. I ordered the hearts and the stamps.

Spring Collection
I think the Spring collection was my favourite collection to date. Tulips are one of my favourite flowers and it was so hard just selecting a few to order! Unfortunately, a lot of what I originally planned to get was out of stock by the time I could order, so I only ended up with a pair of yellow tulips and the forest of daisies hearts. I also picked up a ghost keyring!

I decided I really want to have my earrings out on display when I'm not wearing them, so I bought this cute oval earring holder from Amazon! I absolutely love it and if my collection grows much more I will get another one. It does hold a lot but I don't want them all bunched together!

Unfortunately, since I started this post, my cats have manged to break one earring from two different pairs! I was devastated but I've spoken to Pinky and as they're both no longer available on the shop, she said I can make a custom order and she will do me a mismatched pair! I'm thrilled and can't wait for pay day.

I am waiting on another order, so I will probably do another haul post to show off my new beauties! 

Until next time,
Saph x

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