Monday 5 June 2023

Meet Percy & Joey

That's right, we got two new kittens which now puts the pet total at 4. Oops. I didn't really want to get anymore pets after Gene, my guinea pig, but after Steve died, Josh really wanted another one to help him with his loss. I wasn't too keen as I didn't think Willow would be too happy with another cat. But, a few weeks down the line and I had completely fallen in love with a little ginger baby.

Josh's stepdads cat, Elsa, had given birth to three kittens, two ginger ones and a white one. I fell in love with the ginger with white feet, and he'd fallen in love with the white one. We agreed to get the ginger one, but I felt bad that it had been "Josh's" cat that died, and I was getting the cat I wanted most. So I arranged with his Mum to take the white one too and he would be Josh's anniversary present (4 years together, yay!).

The day we were supposed to pick them up, Josh still had no idea we were bringing home two, and he tried to say that we would take home the one with the best personality. Luckily, he decided those very two had the personalities out of the three. The other ginger one was very shy and timid, and we already had a guinea pig like that, we didn't want a cat like too. So, I told him "Well, I'm glad you said that because the white one is your anniversary present! Surprise!" He was so shocked, as he always said we weren't having two. Suprise, motherf*cker!

We named them there and then, my one is Percy and Josh decided on Joey. Joey jumped straight into the cat carrier! He was so ready to come home with us.

They have the best personalities. Percy reminds us so much of Steve, he's so loving and talkative. Joey started off a bit more of a loner but he's much more cuddly with us now, and loves kisses. I'm so glad I decided to get both of them, they're fully bonded and hate being without each other. Percy is more trouble than Joey though! Percy has already ventured outside and is figuring out ways to get up on the counters. Joey loves to climb up me when I'm in the kitchen - which is fine when I'm wearing thick joggers! 

These two boys are bringing us so much joy. Granted, kittens are hard work but even so, I can't imagine life without them now.

Until next time,
Saph x

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