Friday 23 June 2023

2 Weeks at Slimming World

I never thought I would say the words but yup, I joined Slimming World. Josh and our sister-in-law finally convinced me to go. I was very apprehensive about it and nervous to go to a meeting for the first time but our consultant put me at ease immediately. I had such a laugh at the group.

I'm not going to say how much I weigh as I find it quite embarrassing but I turned out to be 3lbs heavier than my scales at home say! I've been told that their scales are more accurate - supposedly - but I was absolutely fuming. But I went home with my booklets and started making a plan.

Week 1
Day one for me was Friday (meetings are Thursday evenings) and I decided to commit to a 30 minute walk every day for the week. Although, I didn't realise how bloody hot it would get and I didn't feel safe doing it most days. I did get some extra steps in most of the days but didn't manage the full 30 minutes every day.

Sunday, day three, was by far the hardest day. I wanted all the chocolate and was pretty grumpy all day. I ended up having a couple of spoonfuls of chocolate brownie choc shot just to alleviate the cravings a bit - for just half a syn each!

I felt a lot better by Monday and made myself a really nice vegetarian dinner for just 1 syn. Tuesday wasn't so good though. Admittedly, I made myself a yummy deconstructed omelette that was 0 syns for lunch which made me really happy but the evening went downhill quickly and I ended up with about 20+ syns for the day. You're only supposed to have 15 at most.

I was pretty nervous about going to get weighed again. I didn't feel like I had lost anything but I was very much hoping I had. I had lost 3.5lbs! I couldn't believe it and was absolutely thrilled.

Week 2
Week two has been a struggle again but I really am trying my best. Although I did treat myself to a McDonald's this week - and immediately regretted it! I definitely overindulged and felt quite ill. Before I knew it, it was weigh day again. I lost another 2.5lbs! I was hoping for better but I wasn't overly surprised considering the choices I made this week. 6lbs down in two weeks though, and I'm feeling so much better for it.

Onto week three!

Until next time,
Saph x

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