Friday 15 April 2022

My First Glamping Holiday

It's official! I can now tick "go glamping" off my 30 by 30 bucket list! I've just come back from a 3 night stay in the Wheatfields Luxury Glamping with Josh, Charlie, my mum, stepdad, two older sisters, brother-in-law, two nieces, my nephew and three dogs! Whew, lucky there were three tents, eh?

Wheatfields is located in Appledore, near Rye. Wheatfields is actually a huge working farm so there was the potential to see tractors and other machinery this week. We arrived Monday afternoon and we all immediately fell in love with the place! All we could see for miles were fields, crops and hills. There were two safari tents which my mum, step-dad, sisters and the kids shared, and then Josh and I had the bell tent to ourselves.

We spent the first couple of hours unpacking and taking in the scenery, and Charlie found all the toys and sports equipment. He spent hours playing tennis with his older cousins and ordering them about this week! We all got together for dinner and to catch up in Mums tent, then when it got really dark, Josh and I took our picnic blanket outside to see the stars! One of the selling points of this particular glamping spot is that there is absolutely no light pollution, so on a clear night you can see the stars perfectly! Unfortunately, it was pretty cloudy that night so we only had a small patch of stars to look at. It was lovely though!

It was absolutely freezing in our bell tent. It literally took a good couple of hours to warm up in bed and we had to stay cuddled up all night to stay warm, but we actually slept pretty well! Although waking up at 6:30am wasn't much fun, but carpe diem and all that! The view first thing in the morning made it so worth it.

We all got up and went for a long walk around the farm. Unfortunately I still felt unwell and Charlie complained for most of it but I think everyone else enjoyed the walk!

We went back to the tents for lunch and then Josh taught me and my eldest niece how to play some card games until it was time for the easter egg hunt! My Mum had bought the kids little chocolate eggs and threw them into the field for the kids to hunt for. It was really funny and the younger ones loved it! After dinner, we got the fire burning and enjoyed toasting marshmallows.

Wednesday was party day! My Mum turned 62 on Wednesday and requested an animal themed party. We all bought onesies to wear and spent the majority of the day in them. We played music, had a massive barbecue, and played games. 

The only downside was that Charlie was poorly and couldn't join in with the celebrations. We had loads of fun though and we were absolutely gutted when it was time to go home Thursday morning.

The site really was fantastic and everyone absolutely loved it. The only downside was how cold the tents were at night! We've all agreed that we would go again and my sister even suggested booking it for her birthday next year - even if it means her going alone. It really was the perfect getaway though if you need some alone time and wouldn't mind not seeing another human outside of family for a few days!

My next holiday is proper camping...wish me luck!

Until next time,
Saph x

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