Friday 29 January 2021

What I Decluttered in January 2021

Disclaimer: I have yet to actually remove these items from the house due to trying to sell/can't donate to charity shops/can't get them to family! But they are away in a box and that's close enough for me to warrant this post!

January was a great month for decluttering. I did intend to do a minimalism challenge but I couldn't decide which one to do, so in the end I just decided to declutter as and when I felt like it. I ended up doing a little decluttering every other day!

Overall, I got rid of:
  • 14 makeup items (including nail varnish)
  • 7 stationery items (had no use for)
  • 9 business cards (no longer needed)
  • 4 items of Charlies clothing
  • 6 of Charlies books/activity packs (multiples of the same)
  • 18 items of my clothing
  • 1 bag
  • 3 pairs of earphones and 2 cases for them
I also counted using something up towards my decluttering goal. This month I used up two lots of shampoo, two shower gels, two hair masks, a face mist, a bottle of conditioner, a face mask sachet, a 30ml hand cream, a mini body scrub and 3 whiteboard pens.

I think the most satisfying decluttering was of my photos and videos on my phone. My phone storage was filling up, and it turns out I had nearly 700 blurred or similar photos. I still need to finish going through them but my phone is a lot happier for the current clear out! I also turned off automatic download on Whatsapp, which means I don't need to clear out my album so often!

I also had a little switch up and took down my memo board, and cleared off a shelf. I didn't get rid of anything from them - except some paperwork that I jotted down onto the calendar - but it was so satisfying to get rid of a messy memo board and put it into storage. It also meant I could put the frame of Charlie's footprint and handprint back up on the wall.

Total items decluttered: 776!

Until next time,
Saph x

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  1. Oh my goodness that's so satisfying! I need to put a load of clothes on ebay when I get back to my uni digs... I've been meaning to do it for ages and keep just putting it off!

    Do you aim to declutter a certain amount each week/month?