Friday 8 January 2021

My Best Purchases of 2020

I did a lot of spending in 2020. I ended up buying myself a Kindle and a new laptop. But what purchases have made me a happiest? It's certainly given me a lot to think about...

A Body Pillow
This is actually my most recent purchase, and probably my favourite. It's not even for me but it definitely benefits me! Josh is one of those people who has to sleep with their leg over something/be hugging something. Before he met me, it would be his duvet. After we got together, it was me. But I can't sleep like that! I got hot and uncomfortable and would spend all night kicking his leg off me.

Just before Christmas, I decided I'd had enough. I bought Josh a 4ft body pillow for £11.99 from Amazon. It arrived on Christmas Eve and I've had several, glorious, mostly leg-free nights ever since. He still tries it at least once a night but it's been a vast improvement and my only regret it not buying one sooner. He loves it too, he's never been so comfortable.

A Corner Shelf
I can't actually remember if I paid for it or if Josh did, but either way, I'm talking about it! Due to the size of our bedroom, we don't have space for bedside tables. I have had a bedside table for as long as I can remember. I always keep my phone, a drink, a book and a notebook/pen on it. It wasn't long before I was going stir-crazy without one.

So I got a little white corner shelf from The Range. I absolutely love it and it fits everything I need on it! I also use it as my backdrop for blog photos sometimes. Best £4.99 one of us has spent.

I absolutely love my body shop skincare! My skincare routine has never been so good and my skin has never been so glowy. There are so many amazing products I use but my main favourite products I use daily are the Drops of Youth foam face wash, followed by the Vitamin E toner and moisturiser.

Hair Care
Also from the body shop, I have started using the Fuji Green Tea Shampoo which is specifically for oily hair. It's been a life saver and I've definitely noticed I don't have to wash my hair so often now! I also regularly use the Shea or Banana hair mask, and Shea conditioner. 

My hair was in awful condition last Summer, but after a few weeks of using the Shea hair range, my split ends were gone and my hair is looking so healthy now!

A Plant
Myself and my Mother-in-law were garden centre shopping one day and I decided I was going to treat myself to a houseplant. Unfortunately I can't remember what my plant is called but I absolutely love her. She really gives our room a bit of life, and I'm so glad she's still going after all this time! I'm the worst at keeping plants alive, but my baby is doing well.

What was your best purchase of 2020?

Until next time,
Saph x

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