Monday 10 February 2020

My 2020 Planner

A new year means a new planner! I used to be obsessed with bullet journaling - who wasn't? - but last year, I was gifted a planner that didn't quite "work" with the bullet journal system. And I loved it. It felt pretty refreshing to go back to basics. The only real problem I had with my planner is that she was thicc. Beautiful, but super chunky and heavy to carry around with me. So for 2020, I wanted a simple and light planner that I could pop into my bag and barely notice it was there. Good old Card Factory came to my rescue. I found a lovely grey, daily diary for £1. I even jazzed up the front cover a bit with a couple of Dorkface stickers. I'm planning to have it covered front and back by the end of the year! Especially as Charlie got hold of it and has made it a tad mucky *eye roll*.

Inside, it's not as pretty as I would have liked, but that's what stickers are for! When I first got the diary, I was a bit stumped on how I was going to keep track of my blog posts, as for years now I've had a monthly tracker for that. Thankfully, I found some stickers I bought a couple of years ago, which I write the title on, then stick them right at the top of the page for the relevant date. A pretty easy way for me to notice when a new post is scheduled for as I'm flicking through!

I also treated myself to some lovely "to do" list stickers from Jemma - can't resist anything pink or rainbow!

I decided I didn't want to use my planner just for blogging this year. I tend to go through phases of not blogging for months, and so pages and pages of my planners end up not being used. This time, I'm using it for basically everything. Keeping track of my goals, appointments, sometimes even journaling. I want every single page used this year!

I've been using this diary for a full month now, and my only real complaint about it, is not having a space for brain dumping various ideas I get. Thankfully, that's what post it notes are great for. Blog post ideas, shopping lists... basically anything I need to write down that I might need later, I pop down on a post it note and move it along each page every couple of days so I don't lose track of where I've written it!

I'm really intrigued to see if or how my system changes over the year. I'm so happy with how it's going so far though, and I love that I'm getting so much use out of it too!

What planner are you using this year? Do you recommend any stickers? I've recently bought a ton more from Dorkface but I'd love to check out other independent shops!

Until next time,
Saph x

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