Sunday 30 December 2018

2018 Goals | End of Year Review

I didn't set myself many goals for 2018. I even switched them out for new ones back in August, as I was sure I wasn't going to reach them! It's been a bit of a crazy year, with lots going on, so my priorities had to change quite a bit. 

My Original Goals 

Start Driving Lessons Again/Pass Theory Tests 
Improve my Blog Photography
Reach 700 Instagram Followers
Umm...nope. As predicted in my Goals Update post, I didn't hit any of these goals. My newer goals however... 

Read 12 Books
I did this and then some! According to my Goodreads I actually read 24! Although for some reason the actual challenge bit is only counting 20. 

Talk More on Insta Stories 
I did this! Not very much at all, but I definitely did do it. I don't really enjoy it though. Now I'm on Youtube, I'd rather just save talking for that rather than Instagram. 

Beat Last Year's Blog Views 
Last year I had just over 2,000 pageviews. I said I'd be happy just to match that but hoped for 2.3k views...I'm just shy of 2.3k but I'm positive I'll hit it before January 1st! So even though I haven't hit it yet I have still beaten last years views by a mile! Thank you so much to each of you who have supported me this year, it means so much to me. 

I would have loved to have hit all my goals, but I'm so happy to have reached the ones I've only had for four months! 

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