Monday 8 January 2018

My (Almost) Daily Journal & How I Use It

Last October I wrote a little post talking about daily journaling. Well, I didn't actually start daily journaling until my weeks break from being online. I loved it, and wish I had started it when I said I was going to. Ever since my weeks break I don't quite manage to daily journal but I still try to write multiple times a week.
My current journal is the ecojot from Paperchase, gifted to me by the lovely Gail. 100% recycled with the cutest cover; she knows me so well. The best part is that it's small enough to fit in my handbag so I can take it out with me, but not too small that I fill 20 pages just talking about one thing. (Almost) daily journaling has actually reminded me how much I love writing pen to paper, rather than typing on a keyboard constantly. It's actually given me something to look forward to doing, and gives me somewhere other than online to have a rant and get my thoughts clear. I actually prefer it to bullet journaling.

Wait, what? Okay, bear with me. 

I don't just use my journal to write about my day and make note of thoughts that keep me up at night but I actually use it to motivate me. Every few days I make myself a list of goals to achieve and I seem to be way more likely to achieve them than I am if I write them in my bujo. I don't know why exactly but this seems like a more practical way of doing things, rather than having two different notebooks to check every day. I actually threw away my bullet journal in November. My December layout had already been penned in but I knew I wasn't going to use it - especially as I'd found my diary and didn't even need to use it to make note of appointments. I've even started using stickers and washi tape again. 

This is my equivalent of a dream board!
I think it helps that it's more private than a bullet journal, so I don't have to worry about making it "pretty" or "aesthetically pleasing" because it's for my eyes only. *she says, sharing photos of it.* Journaling has helped my mental health so much, and it's definitely a habit I'd like to keep up. Especially if I can continue to use recycled notebooks. 

Do you daily journal? 

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