Thursday 4 April 2024

A Week in Wales | A Page in Our Adventure Book

Our first holiday in over a year was a bloody good one. We decided to do a family holiday in Wales, with Josh, Charlie, Josh's younger brother and sister, and their dad. We stayed in the Beddgelart camp site for a week and it was bloody beautiful. Our camp was right on a fast flowing river and it was so lovely to fall asleep listening to it.

Day 1 | Taking on Mount Snowdon

I have no idea why I was so eager to climb Mount Snowdon. For some reason, we decided to take the route that was closest to the camp, which was also the shortest but hardest route. I did not anticipate the sheer amount of climbing I would have to do. I was glad I wore trainers, but I wish they had been waterproof, as there were a lot of streams and boggy bits to walk through. But the views were worth it! Overall, it took 8 hours to climb up, see the views and walk back down. Probably would have been quicker but myself and Charlie aren't the quickest of walkers/climbers.

Day 2 | Aber Falls

On Easter Sunday we took a 40 minute drive and an hour walk to Aber Falls. My knees were still screaming most of the way up but it was nowhere near as treacherous as Snowdon. The waterfall was absolutely stunning. We then took the long route back down, Charlie and I played in a stream, and overall took 4 hours to walk.

Day 3 | Swallow Falls, Betws-y-Coed & Llyn Mair

We spent a full day exploring some nearby towns. Unfortunately none of us can remember the name of the first one! We found Swallow Falls and then went into Betws-y-Coed. I think we all spent a fortune that day. After a day of shopping, the family all decided to do yet more walking. I was done in, so I stayed in the car and made the most of having signal and got in touch with other family members.

Once they came back, they decided to explore a lake called Llyn Mair and I can't say no to a lake! Charlie and I had a lovely time paddling round the edges.

Day 4 | Rest Day

The others wanted to take a different route up Snowdon, so while they spent the day doing that, Charlie and I stayed in the camp. I decided to tidy up the tent as it was getting a bit unorganized, then we popped up to reception for WiFi and the shop. I bought Charlie a notebook and pencil so we could play hangman and naughts & crosses for a while. Then we decided to walk around the site and do some Lego photography with Charlie's mini figures. We actually had so much fun and it was a lovely day. Once the others came back it was time for dinner and bed.

We ended up coming home on Wednesday, instead of Saturday as planned. We woke up in the middle of the night to our tent flooded! At 3am we were packing up our tent. We were absolutely gutted but there was nothing we could do about it. Josh binned the tent before we left. The rest of the family also decided to pack up and come home, so once they were ready, we were back on the road for 6 hours.

As much as we were loving the holiday, it was a bit of a relief to come home early. It was so cold and uncomfortable at night, and by the sounds of it the nice weather had run out, and we were just due rain for the remainder of our week.

I'll be sharing more photos over the coming days, so keep an eye out for my photo diaries!

Until next time,

Saph x

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