Monday 29 August 2022

Dream Fights | Poetry Review

AD|Gifted. It's only over the last couple of years that I've started to get into poetry and feel like I could somewhat understand it. The Seeker offered me a copy of their poetry in exchange for a review - I couldn't say no! I love discovering more poets.

Their book is called Dream Fights, the untold tale of the human unconscious. Before the poetry begins, there is a note to readers. The Seeker says they made a conscious decision to not to define anything about the speaker, as it forces us to hear it in our own voices and relate it back to ourselves or people we know. They also included almost a guide to reading. For example, they say that when "i" isn't written in capital, it "represents the speakers weakness as a result of a memory, action or emotion." As someone who never really understood poetry as a teen in English Lit class, I found this extremely helpful!

The poetry is so incredibly raw and powerful. I can definitely relate to a lot of it! The poems themselves don't appear to be named currently but my personal favourite poem is page 18. I will include a small quote from it:

"To my dreams,
Could you have some mercy on me?
I'm the mind that made you
So how come you turn on me!
As if you have a mind of your own
And just decided to torture me"

I think we can all agree it certainly feels that way sometimes?! I have many dreams that haunt me - some of them were literally torture.

I think a lot of people can relate to The Seekers words and if you're a poetry reader, this one might be worth adding to your TBR! Please be aware there is some mention of death, suicide and some imagery that could be triggering. You can find The Seeker and their links on Twitter.

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