Monday 31 January 2022

January Recap & February Goals

January has been equally good and sucky! I definitely suffered with the January Blues but I've also had some really good times, including a lovely date with Josh, a family baby shower and impressing everyone at work! I still find it so crazy that I went from a job where I felt like most people hated me and didn't want me there, to being considered a strong team member and highly respected in less than a month!

My January Goals Recap

I didn't get as much decluttering done as I planned to, January was definitely a low-motivation month! I did manage to remove four items of clothing from my wardrobe though, which I'm pleased about.

Read One Book
I did it! I was a bit worried I wouldn't finish it, as I'd started The Book of Hope at the very end of December and hadn't had much time in January to continue it! I did two overnight shifts at work last weekend and I finally closed the book for good at 1:20am January 22nd. It was a brilliant book and I will definitely be writing a review on the blog!

No Spend Month
I'll be writing a full blog post about this but I think I did pretty well! There is definitely room for improvement but as far as previous no spend challenges have gone, I'm pretty proud of this one!

February Goals

Do yoga once a week
One of my 30 by 30 bucket list items to is have a regular yoga routine, so I decided that February is the month to start! I'm going to do one session a week this month and then hopefully I can build up to two days etc. over the course of the year. I will probably use Yoga with Adriene on youtube like I usually do! I'm really hoping it will strengthen my back as I've been suffering with back pain these last few weeks.

Read one book
I'm still two books off completing my Winter TBR. I'm not convinced I'll manage to read both books before Spring as one of them is chunky but I'd love to read The Midnight Library by the end of the month! I'm hoping to at least start The Dark Tower before the end of the month too.

Blog regularly
I really struggled for blogging in January but I'm hoping to be able to blog more this month! I used my days off in January to prep some posts so I'm a bit more prepared now.

Low Spend Month
I really struggled to keep my impulsive spending at bay in January, so this time I'm giving myself a proper budget to work with. You are supposed to ease yourself into no spend months, so I thought I'd be doing myself a favour by trying a low spend month. Full blog post is coming soon!

Celebrate Imbolc
Imbolc is celebrated February 2nd and I'm determined to join in! I'll be looking into more ritual ways to celebrate this year but I will also be using my Imbolc & Non-Ritual Ways to Celebrate blog post as a guide. 

What are your goals for February?

Until next time,
Saph x

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  1. I really like the idea of a low spend month, I will have to look into that as I think that is a great goal to focus on. I'm wishing you all the best for February ahead!