Monday 3 May 2021

May Fitness Plan

A new month, a new fitness plan! My end goal date is getting closer but I'm not really seeing any results yet! So I need to amp up the ante this month, and start using my food/exercise diary again! I've got really lazy with everything lately. But it's a fresh month and I'm feeling good!

6,000-10,000 Steps a Day

I'm not really expecting to hit this one consistently - especially as most of my day consists of sitting down to blog or do courses - but I would like to aim for the 6,000-10,000 steps at least three days a week and maybe 4,000 the rest of the days. I can also use Ring Fit to reach these goals, and apparently there are 10k step workouts on Youtube to check out!

Switch From Coke to Diet Coke
I tried cutting out Coke/fizzy drinks completely and I just couldn't stick with it! So I decided to switch it out for Diet Coke and I honestly feel like it's making a difference already. I'm already having less heartburn and doesn't seem to make me bloat as much as full-fat coke! 

Calorie Counting/Calorie Deficit
I'm hearing more and more about calorie counting/deficits lately and it's starting to make me think I should try it. I need to look into properly but I think 2,000 calories a day are recommended for women. I probably eat way more or way less than that any given day!

Until next time,
Saph x

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