Monday 17 August 2020

Bedgebury Pineton | Photo Diary

Another day, another adventure with the in-laws! This time Josh was able to come along as it was the weekend - thank God! Feels totally wrong going anywhere woodsy without my explorer! Although I didn't get to take my mini explorer this time - Charlie was at his Dad's for the weekend!

This time we headed to Bedgebury Pineton, and even just the drive there was gorgeous! The village Marden is so beautiful and quaint, would love to visit there properly one day.

It's an absolutely beautiful place, and it felt so good to be amongst all those trees! It looks like an absolutely gorgeous place for engagement photos as well! 

There's tons of trails, including cycling only tracks and even some running tracks. The parking/entry fee was a bit shocking - it's £13. That being said, we did spend nearly 5 hours there! Probably could have stayed longer too. I would suggest taking a picnic though, although the caf├ęs food was really good, it wasn't cheap. 

We were all so relieved it was a cooler/rainy day though - I think trying to do that walk during heatwave we've been having would have killed us off!

Until next time,
Saph x

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