Friday 29 September 2017

Managing the Mum-Tum

Throughout the years I've been underweight, overweight and everything in between. A size 6 right up to a size 16. I'm generally at my happiest between size 8-12 and after pregnancy I'm currently sitting at a size 10-12. Which would be fine if most of my clothes were that size. They are not and I can't really afford to buy new clothes to accommodate. Although thankfully now it's getting colder, most of my tops are oversized anyway so that's not really going to be too much of an issue for the rest of the year. It is however, time to lose the baby weight.

I gained 3 and a half stone during pregnancy, most of which I managed to lose within the first month post-partum (thanks to breastfeeding) but eventually the weight stopped just stopped dropping off and I actually gained weight again. According to the BMI calculator I'm currently overweight for my body type etc. so yeah, I definitely need to sort myself out for my health and not just my vanity. 

The Goal
I don't really have a goal weight in mind, but I definitely don't want to weigh less than 9st because I was way too thin at 9 and a half! My aim is just to lose the remaining baby belly, tighten my core and generally become stronger and fitter. 

Exercise Regime
I actually quite like exercise, and before I knew I was pregnant I started to work out at Ashs regularly, and he gave me some good work out routines that I can implement now. That consisted of push ups (once he taught me how to do them properly), sit ups and 3 different ways to lift weights that work both the biceps and the triceps. On top of those I want to start doing yoga, mostly to strengthen my back and just because I enjoy it. I'd also really like to take up swimming, and teach Charlie asap. 

I'm considering squats but we'll see. I'd also really like to take up badminton again, as I have the equipment, all I need is a partner. Or opponent, rather. Mum still thinks it's too soon to try proper exercise but I feel fully recovered and as long as I take it easy I should be fine. Plus Charlie is getting heavy now so I really need to build up my muscles...

I'm probably not going to change my diet too drastically right now, I really just need less chocolate and more fruit and veg. Which, in theory, shouldn't be too difficult as I like quite a lot of fruit and veg but it's surprisingly hard to get Mum and Dave to a. buy it and b. cook it. Mostly because it gets wasted but you know, if we had veg with every evening meal then it wouldn't get wasted. It's ironic really, when I was a kid and didn't want vegetables we really did have them every night but now I'm an adult I practically have to beg for it. Maybe I should start making meal plans from now on. I still want to go back to being vegetarian, and eventually vegan, but I may wait until I'm no longer living with meat eaters before I do that again.

For now it's lots of exercise and daily five a days for me! 

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