Thursday 22 December 2022

How to Help Your Little Ones Gain Confidence

Struggling with low confidence as a child can be such a challenging and upsetting experience, so it’s something that needs to be tackled head on sooner rather than later. Fortunately, this informative guide contains some of the best steps that you can follow to help your little one improve their self esteem and gain lots of confidence. Plus, it doesn’t have to be as tricky as you might expect to get started today! So, read on to discover some effective tips and tricks that you can make the most of now. 

Be A Positive Role Model

One of the most important steps that you must follow if you want your child to stand any chance of gaining confidence is to be the most positive role model. Your children will no doubt look up to you, and they may even mirror your actions without you even realising. So, if you have low confidence levels and subsequently act in a self conscious and worrisome way, then it’s likely that your kids will pick up on this and simply copy you!

It’s vital that you can maintain confidence in yourself as a parent, if only for the sake of your children. Setting the best example will lay great foundations for your children's self esteem! Even if you aren’t quite feeling great sometimes, then just fake it til you make it - focus on the positives, and show your kids the correct coping mechanisms that promote confidence rather than increasing self doubt. 

Sign Them Up For Group Activities

Another brilliant step that you can follow to help your kids increase their confidence is to sign them up for group activities. Taking the opportunity to meet new people and build more social connections in different settings and situations will certainly be of benefit for your child’s self esteem, as they’ll see just how easy it can be to strike up a conversation with a stranger and actually have fun! Many children feel too nervous or self conscious to socialise with other kids that they’ve never met before, but supporting this idea by allowing them to remain isolated is the worst decision you could make. 

Signing your child up for some clubs or group activities such as a local kids sports team will have a noticeable impact on their confidence. They’ll lose their fears associated with meeting new people, and they may even develop a competitive streak that leaves their self consciousness behind in a cloud of dust! Just make sure that you pick up on any potential social issues if they occur - it’s possible that some of the other children may not have been taught the right social skills, but this should not have the potential to negatively impact on your child. Teach them to be the bigger person, and encourage them to build up others confidence rather than tearing it down like the bullies do. 

Go On Regular Adventures

Going on regular adventures can certainly help your child to gain confidence! Over sheltering your children by keeping them inside day in and day out will not be beneficial for their self esteem, as they’ll become far too used to their comfort zone and home environment and this could lead them to feel scared and anxious when they do finally venture outdoors. Living in a bubble with the same routine and same environments won’t stimulate your child’s confidence or development, so there’s no time like the present to plan an adventure!

Going camping, hiking, fishing, or pursuing any other similarly wild activity can be a great adventure for you and your kids. You’ll get to live with more risk and excitement, which can in turn help to boost your kids self esteem. As you teach them new skills that they can put into practice, such as putting a tent up, they’ll feel accomplishment and proud as punch! You can even pose the idea of residential trips for schools to their teacher so their entire class can get involved with the fun - being around other kids their age while adventuring will be even better for building their confidence, communication and team building skills. 

Understanding that your child is suffering from low confidence levels can be such an upsetting and difficult time, but by following the steps detailed above, you’ll be able to make a positive change in no time at all. Your little one will be able to increase their self esteem and subsequently improve their quality of life at the same time - what’s not to love?! I had absolutely no confidence as a child, but I've used the tips above with Charlie over the past 5 years and he is the most confident little boy I've ever met! It's definitely improved my confidence as well.

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