Tuesday 29 August 2017

Charlies One Month Update

How the hell is my son a month old already?! It only feels like yesterday that we left the hospital! 
Ironically he's about 2 weeks here

Due to me being in theatre all night, Charlie had to be bottle fed, as I wasn't there to breastfeed him like I wanted to. I felt really disappointed about it and by Monday I asked the midwife if it was too late to attempt it. I'm not really sure why I thought it would be too late but either way she was shocked that I wanted to try already, but she was more than willing to help me out with it. Then she was shocked all over again when Charlie took to it straight away. We impressed a lot of people that week, nobody could quite believe that
1. I was feeling up to breastfeeding after multiple surgeries
2. that Charlie took to it so well after two and a half days of being bottle fed. 
I felt like he was constantly on my boobs for 3 weeks though, but he finally seemed to stop using me for comfort around 3 and a half weeks, and starting using his dummy more. Although he still loves skin-to-skin contact with me. 

I thought he'd got into a routine already but some days he feeds more regularly than others. He does stay awake more during the day now though! I also have less dirty nappies to change these days as well which is great! He is really tall (long?) already too so he's definitely going to be at least 6 foot like his Dad. I think he's going to have Ashs hair and eyes too. He seems to have the best of both of us at the moment but I can't wait to see how he develops as he gets older. 
Charlie absolutely loves tummy time, in fact he would happily sleep on his tummy all day and all night if I'd let him. If he falls asleep on my chest I let him nap on his tummy for about half an hour before I move him onto his back. He also really loves it when I sing Ed Sheeran/Perfect to him, it calms him right down and usually sends him off to sleep when he's irritable. Although I still don't fully know the words, even after playing it daily for the last two weeks! He loves being in the bath too, although he usually has a whinge at first (he hates being naked) but soon relaxes and has a bit of a kick. I'm hoping this means he's going to love swimming as well, and I plan to take him as soon as I can. 
2 weeks old

4 weeks old
I think he's finally bonding with Ash a bit more. It was a bit of struggle as they only see each other a couple times a week and Charlie cried for me during a lot of Ashs visits, but the last couple of times have been much better. Ash even walked around with Charlie in a baby carrier last week, so that will have helped some. I keep telling Ash to try skin-to-skin contact but I'm not sure how keen he is to do it. But Charlie seems to finally know who his Daddy is and that's the main thing. 

Overall Charlie is developing and growing really well (he weighs over 10lbs!) and is generally a happy baby. Until wind affects him but tummy time and a back rub usually sorts that out. He's already learned how to roll himself from his back onto his side too so it won't be long before he gets himself onto his tummy! 

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  1. Eeeep, he is so, so cute! It makes me want a little bubba of my own (again). I'm sure him and Ash will continue to bond as time goes on. They'll find little things to bond over as well. Boys will be boys, after all. Can't wait to read all of the future updates about your little man!