Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Even Sceptics Will See The Magic of Minimalism After Trying These Three Things*

While half of the world has gone minimalism mad, the other half remain skeptical of stripped back lifestyles. For hoarders, nothing could be worse than getting rid of much-loved belongings. Even if you aren’t a collector, you may enjoy having sentimental belongings around. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. Minimalism was never going to be for everybody.

Still, given the benefits this lifestyle brings, implementing at least some minimalist strategies could serve you. To prove that point, we think it’s worth embarking on the following. These are simple steps which can turn even the most sceptic of hoarders some way towards a more minimal approach.

Keep clutter elsewhere

Nothing helps you overcome a love of clutter more than doing without it for a while. That’s why our first tip is to gather all the stuff you don’t necessarily need. Then, tuck it away in a storage unit like the ones offered by You’d be amazed by how spacious and clean your home will look after this. Try to do without those things for a week and see how you get along. If you miss it too much, you can bring it back as soon as that week is over. The chances are, though, that this week of cleared living will open your eyes at least a little. It may be that you’re then more willing to do away with at least half of that stuff. If the experience is transformative enough, you may opt to get rid of the whole lot. Either way, this is an experiment which is well worth your time.

Get rid of one thing a week

Often, we rally against minimalism because we’re sure it will mean getting rid of everything in one go. But, that’s just one way of doing things. While it will suit some, that’s not the right approach for you. And, you aren’t alone. Many people find that they can only approach something like this one item at a time. That’s why the vast majority of minimalism challenges focus on goals as simple as getting rid of one thing a week. This is such a small amount that you’ll barely notice the difference. Still, that one thing a week will soon start to add up to a much clearer home.

Practice five-minute cleaning

For some of us, minimalism looks like hard work. Those bare floors and walls are sure to need a whole load more cleaning, after all. You can just imagine how much dust will gather when you don’t have tables and rugs around the place. But, by practising five-minute cleaning tips like those found at, you may find that cleaning a minimalist home is nowhere near the challenge you expect. In fact, with no furniture or ornaments to clean around, you should be able to clear rooms in the time it takes to listen to your favourite song. Once you experience benefits like those, you may not be able to resist going even further down this path.

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