Friday, 7 December 2018

3 Tricks to Boost Your Concentration*

Finding it hard to concentrate? While your brain will need a bit of rest from the studying or the project you’re working on, it’s not always the case when your mind starts to wander and your thoughts are drifting. Sometimes, and more often than not, the case is simply that we’re feeling much too lazy to get on with our work.

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If you’ve just had your much-needed break and wish you could kickstart yourself to get back into gear and crack on with the work, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a handful of tricks to help boost your concentration and make the next couple of hours just a little bit more productive.

#1 Create a list

Even if you’ve never been one of those people who creates lists for everything and meticulously ticks them off as they go, you should try it out just for a bit.

The point is that, when you’re able to see progress by having all of your tasks in a neat little row which you can cross out when you’ve completed them, it triggers your sense of achievement which will push you to keep going as you’re chasing the same feeling.

You’re not just working on some abstract list of tasks anymore but a comprehensible list where you get the satisfaction of ticking something off when it’s over with. It’s such an easy trick and ridiculously effective even when you know why it works.  

#2 Work on your willpower

Your brain is like a muscle, after all, and the more you practice focusing and concentrating on one task, the better you’ll get at it over time. Many of us are conditioned into allowing our thoughts to drift, doodling on that sheet of paper instead of working, and planning the next week’s dinners while deadlines are fast approaching.

As we continue to give in to our need for entertainment, our attention span is also slowly shrinking. You can definitely reverse this effect, though, but remember to start slowly and increase the time of studying as you go - kind of like how you’d get into lifting weights.

You can set a timer, for example, and commit to studying for fifteen minutes before you can browse a bit. Click here to see some new sites, by the way, which you can explore when you’re done with your fifteen minutes of work.

#3 Read long stuff slowly

As everything online and in the news is committed to serving us snappy and condensed content, it’s getting increasingly hard for us to read longer articles. We want it summarised, we want the most important stuff first - and we want it now.

It’s actually quite a shame as a lot of people are moving away from reading books and won’t challenge themselves to read any longer articles. It’s not to say that everything that is longer is always better - but some complex issues require more explanation and we won’t be able to grasp it unless we’re used to reading longer articles.

Challenge yourself to read at least one book before the end of the year, work on sharpening your attention span, and you might notice that your ability to concentrate has improved greatly as well.

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