Thursday, 15 November 2018

Overhauls & Organisation for Your Blossoming Blog*

Over the past few months your blog has taken off to heights you would never have imagined. Your home and bedroom are slowly being taken over by your blogging equipment, clothing items, technology and fancy backdrops for all of your photographs. You realise that your blogging essentials are getting more and more vast by the month so you need to become more organised. You want to streamline your blogging processes so that you don’t take hours to find the essential items you need. You don’t live in the largest house in the world so you need that extra bit of help to keep your blog and brain clear from clutter. The following ideas will help you to get more organised for your blossoming blog so that you can become much more efficient on a day to day basis.

Smart Storage

If you have got to the point where you can’t find anything you need anymore, then you need to create some more space. It isn’t always possible to create an extension on your home so why not seek out a local self storage company? You can hire a space to keep all of your bulky items, so they are out of the way when you don’t need them. If you are a fashion blogger then you probably don’t need swimsuits, kaftans and sunglasses in your wardrobes over the winter months, so box them up, label them and put them into storage. When the summer months roll around again you can swap this stuff for your winter items and your home will never feel too cluttered again.

Savvy Social Media Schedule

Now that your blog has taken off to new heights you need to get more organised when it comes to social media scheduling. If you haven’t already invested in a top notch scheduling app such as Buffer then you need to get on it now. You can prepare all of your upcoming Instagram posts, tweets and Facebook statuses all at once so they keep rolling out seamlessly. You won’t have to spend all day on your phone trying to keep your social schedule on top form; just sit down once a week, prepare all of your posts for the week and you will be good to go!

Seek out the Scoop

Make sure the content you are talking about on your blog and your social media posts are totally current and up to date. Talk about current issues that are going on in your industry and people will be able to relate to them much more easily.

Set Clear Goals

If you have a habit of losing track of your blogging direction, then now is the time to start affirming your long term aims. Setting clear goals for your blog will help you to stick to them and become more focused on the tasks at hand.

With all of these perfect plans in place your blog will be much more organised and you will have a much greater chance of success in the long run. So get organised today and take all of this advice on board.

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