Sunday, 4 November 2018

Creating a Child-Friendly Bathroom Space*

A child-friendly bathroom needs to be safe, comfortable and fun. It should always be safety first as with anything where children are involved, but the other elements of comfort and fun should not be ignored.


As a parent, it is your job to ensure your child is safe in every room, including the bathroom. You can buy fittings that are specially designed to be safe for children.  There are valves that have scalding protection to prevent them from having the water too hot and burning themselves. You can also by thermostat fittings that let you select the highest temperature of the water.

Non-slip mats in the bath are a good idea, and rounded corners on washbasins and bathtubs can stop them from having nasty bumps.

Non-slip floors, made from anti-slip tiles, are a good option for the flooring of a child-friendly bathroom.

Keep as much clear space as possible. If the bathroom is a small space that might be a problem, but whatever there is keep free of any clutter that they could trip over. A shower caddy can help with this task and are much better than there being loose bottles everywhere.

Keep all cleaning products out of the bathroom, and somewhere else that is out of their reach. Many of them contain toxic chemicals, and they can be very harmful to adults, let alone little ones.

Sometimes, the only way to see any of the dangers is to get on your hands and knees and view the bathroom from their perspective. You might just spot something you had not noticed when you were standing up.

Bathroom lighting should not be overly bright as their young eyes are very sensitive. If you need more light over the wash basin to do your hair, put a strip light immediately over it with a switch that is out of reach of the children.

Comfort And Fun

Children love it when something is just for them, as it makes them feel important. Allocate them some space of their own. This could be a drawer or a shelf, or even some space on the side of the bath. They should even have their own towel and a hook to hang it on. Make sure they know the space is for their things and that is their job to keep it tidy.

They also like bright colours, and just having a bright mug for their toothbrush and toothpaste will give them pleasure.

You do not want to have to be watching them every step of the way, so make sure all the surfaces are easy to clean and will not stain easily. When kids are having fun they do not always stop to consider the effects of knocking a bottle of shampoo over onto a carpet, for example.

Let them have some bath and shower toys, but ones that will fit into the space they have been allocated. Often, it is the simplest of toys that are the best, as children have wonderful imaginations and will make games with a few building cups, some plastic bricks and the water.

Children are naturally attracted to water and most of them love bath time. You can make sure they enjoy it without stressing out yourself by making your bathroom as safe and fun as possible.

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