Tuesday, 21 August 2018

The Importance Of Kerb Appeal When Selling Up*

If you are selling up you will be aware of how your property needs to look spick and span on the inside when any potential buyers come for a viewing. There is plenty of advice out there on decluttering, decorating in neutral colours and even how to entice buyers with aromas - think baking bread and fresh flowers! Aim for the best possible way to present your property and you are likely to achieve a better profit in the sale.

As well as the inside of your property looking fantastic, it is essential to present the outside at its absolute best. Most buyers drive or walk around a property they are interested in before asking for a viewing, so giving your home kerb appeal should be at the very top of your “to do” list.
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Once your property is looking at its best, ask for a valuation from your agent of choice and research Conveyancing lawyers who are experts in the field of house sales.

The following guide will help you to give your property kerb appeal in order to attract more buyers and increase the profit margin in your property.

Survey your property
Grab a notebook and pen and take a walk around your property. Write a list of all the things that need repairing, tidying and decorating. If you have any major repairs to do such as fixing roof tiles, this needs to be done prior to valuation. Check that the boundaries to your property are in good condition, that exterior paintwork isn’t flaking off  and that any external structures such as summer houses and sheds are well maintained.

Check that guttering hasn’t come loose and that they have been cleaned out recently. Ensure the front entrance to your home looks welcoming and cared for. First impressions really do count in house sales.

Are there any overhanging trees that need attention? Trees that have grown too large can cause a property to be restricted of light. A tree surgeon will be able to advise.

Put on your gardening gloves!
It’s amazing the difference a well kept lawn and tidy flower beds can make to the overall look of a property. Add colour with plants and flowers and consider adding a few pots filled with colourful flowers close to your doorway for a welcoming feel. Ensure that pathways and driveways are weed free, swept and clear of clutter and debris. Try to conceal the bin area with some kind of screening if possible.

Clean and polish
Once the external structure and garden is “ship shape”, clean and polish everything to make it sparkle! Concentrate on your entrance, clean and polish doors, windows and porches. Don’t forget window frames and sills and repaint any areas that are starting to look shabby. Clean windows will have the added effect of allowing light to stream into your property, which will enhance its appeal. Ensure you cut back trees and plants that start to encroach near windows.

Now it’s time for the inside!  

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