Friday, 17 August 2018

But First, Lipstick | Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipstick Review

I don't have many lipsticks. I didn't really start to wear lipstick regularly until I was about 20, and I bought my first nude that soon became my favourite. I soon became a lipstick fiend and when my sister became a Younique rep, I bought a whole bunch of fun lip colours from her.

While I was pregnant, I decided to have a little makeup declutter (I've also had another since then!) and got rid of a whole bunch of lipsticks. I got rid of all but one of my Younique lipsticks, but then bought myself a set of four MUA velvet matte lipsticks around Christmas. Honestly, I generally only wore my nude Younique one, and my pinker MUA one, as they went with basically every outfit.  

However, when I dyed my hair red again - it was brown up until July - my favourite lipsticks suddenly didn't suit me so much! So, naturally, I treated myself to a brand new one from Arbonne. I tried to pick the most neutral looking one, which wasn't easy without a sample card! *Note to self: get another lipstick sample card.* Eventually, I decided on Lily, and eagerly awaited her arrival.

Unfortunately, because I was so eager to use it, I didn't think to take any photos first! But the very tip of Arbonne lipsticks are embossed with the Arbonne logo, and it looks super cute! 

When I first opened it, I did worry that it may have still been a little on the 'pink' side for me, but I actually couldn't get past the gold shimmer! I really wasn't expecting the gold, but it looks gorgeous!

This lipstick is crazy moisturising too, I actually recently lost my Arbonne lip balm, so my lips have been so dry, but this lipstick has solved that! I absolutely adore Lily and I actually wear it on a daily basis! I'm actually tempted to throw away my Younique one now, but I'm also tempted to go back to brown hair so...we'll see. 

I'll definitely be buying more Arbonne lipsticks! We have a huge range (16 shades!) and I believe there's only a few that I probably wouldn't ever pull off. All Arbonne lipsticks are of course vegan, gluten, and paraben free. What's not to love?! These lipsticks retail at £23, £18.40 if you sign up as a Preferred Client, or £14.95 for an Independent Consultant (like me!). 

Admittedly, yes, almost £15 is much more than I would usually pay for a lipstick but it is so, so worth it. Cruelty free, vegan, allergen free, moisturing AND ABSOLUTELY STUNNING?! Of course I'll pay £15 for that kind of lipstick.

These days, I rarely wear eye makeup, but I always try to make sure I'm wearing lipstick before I leave the house. 99% of the time, I'm wearing Lily

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