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Space Saving Ideas for Your Home This Summer*

If there’s one thing that all parents never have enough of when you’ve got small ones running around, it’s space to store everything so that there’s no trips or falls. Another thing that all parents find themselves in is an abundance of toys, clothes, wipes and everything else you need for your children. So how can you have a fairly regular home that’s not a tripping hazard to your children? Clever storage, that’s how! Take a look at these amazing space saving ideas for your home this summer.
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One piece of furniture that every home should have is a good old fashioned ottoman. You may remember them from your grandparents house, usually by a window or at the end of a bed. They can fit an incredible amount of toys inside of them and sit nicely in many different areas of the home. Ottomans can be turned into seating by adding some cushions and some padding to the lid of the ottoman. Consider buying yourself a large ottoman to sit below a window so that you can spend warm sunny evenings sat on your ottoman staring out at the beautiful weather.

Over the head

One area of the home that often goes unnoticed is over your head, and it’s the perfect space to add some storage for everything that your children need. Things like medicines, nappies, wipes and creams can be stored safely in overhead storage so that you know that no little hands can accidentally get hold of these things. Why not build your own overhead storage to fit perfectly in each room, and if you’re struggling with fixing the frames of your new cupboards, use some henkel bulk adhesives to hold everything in place while you’re making sure that your new overhead storage is secure.

Be smart with how you store things

Sometimes it’s not how much stuff you’ve got to store, it’s how you’re storing it. More often than not, it’s much easier to simply bung things into the cupboard and forget about it. However, over time, your clutter will build up and you’ll find yourself with an avalanche of belongings falling onto you each time you open the cupboard. Be smarter with the way you’re storing your belongings. Take a look at these examples:
  • Put quilt covers and sheets inside one of the pillow cases so that you keep bed sets together. It also compacts everything into a smaller shape so that it’s much more easily stored.
  • Hang shoe holders on the back of cupboard doors for extra storage of any smaller bits and bobs that don’t have their own place.
  • Use hooks in cupboards to hang lids for your pots and pans, or even your cleaning solutions for extra tidy cupboards.

Functional furniture

Another great way of creating more space in your home is by opting for multi-functional furniture. Things like:
  • Sofas that turn into beds
  • Chairs that fit perfectly underneath your dining table.
  • Desks that pull out into larger tables
  • Window blinds that fold down as a clothes airer
  • Hollow furniture in which you can store things in (much like an ottoman)
  • Fold down changing table for nappies and dressing your babies.

Under the stairs

Finally, have you ever looked at the space underneath your stairs and wondered what you could put under there? Perhaps you’ve got an appliance such as your tumble dryer sat underneath? Why not build some sliding storage that you can pull out like a drawer? You could create space for coats, shoes, hoover and mop, and many other household items that struggle to find their own place. Utilise the space underneath your stairs for more space this summer!

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  1. One thing that always annoys me when looking at a new place to live is the sheer lack of storage space! House builders and designers have completely forgotten that people have shit to store. What happened to under stair cupboards, pantry, utility rooms, upstairs landing cupboards. Built in wardrobes and large loft space? Your lucky to get enough kitchen cupboards these days. Maybe we all. Need to adopt minimalist living and take note of some ingenious storage "hacks"