Saturday, 14 July 2018

Simple Tips To Get Fit & Healthy*

Getting fit and healthy can often seem like an impossible task, especially when you have a job and/or baby that fills up most of your time. Thankfully, it’s not quite as much work as most people think. Of course, you still need to put time and effort into it, but you don’t need to overhaul your entire life. In fact, more often than not, you just need to make a few simple changes. If, like me, you want to lose weight and get a little fitter, here are five things you should do.

Set Achievable Goals
The very first thing that you need to do is set yourself some fitness goals. These will keep you focused and give you the motivation you need to stay on track. They also guide you in the right direction and give you a plan to follow as you change to a healthier lifestyle That being said, some weight-loss goals are far from helpful. Unrealistic targets only cause disappointment, which could lead to you giving up, so you need to make sure that your goals are achievable.

Exercise Every Day
When you’re a busy working parent, finding time to exercise every day seems practically impossible, but it’s crucial that you try if you want to make real changes. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to exercise that you can fit around your daily life. For example, you could go to mother and baby swimming classes with your little one or take them for a walk in the park. There are also plenty of exercises you could do at home while your baby is playing or taking a nap.

Get Enough Sleep
Lack of sleep can lead to a number of health problems, including obesity, which is why it’s so important that you get enough of it. If you’re struggling to sleep at night, there are a few things you can do to help you out. These include exercising during the day, cutting back on caffeine, and considering different mattress toppers to make your bed more comfortable. You should also make sure that your bedroom is dark, cool, and quiet at night.

Cook Healthy Meals
Thankfully, getting fit doesn’t mean eating way less or nothing at all. In fact, you can eat just as much as you normally would, as long as what you’re eating is healthy and nutritious. Avoid processed foods and instead, try to add more fruit and vegetables to your diet. You should also make sure that you drink plenty of water each day. If you’re not a fan of H2O, then you should add slices of fruit to each glass for a bit of flavour.

Have A Treat
If you’re a lover of crisps and cake, you shouldn’t despair just yet. Of course, you should try to eat less of these things, as they’re pretty bad for you, but that doesn't mean you need to avoid them completely. All this will do is make you want to eat them even more. Instead, you should look for healthier versions of your favourite unhealthy snacks, and have them as a small treat when you meet a goal or target. My personal favourite healthy treat is this vegan protein bar.

Getting fit doesn’t happen overnight, but, if you follow these tips, you should find the process a little easier to handle.

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