Monday, 2 October 2017

I Want Kandee | A Sweet Makeup Review

I am a huge fan of Kandee Johnson. She's a beauty Youtuber, and I first discovered her in 2014 after I'd bought my first bandana and went to YouTube to find out how to wear it (yeah, I know). I instantly adored her, and despite not being into makeup at the time, I subscribed and watched daily for a little bit of happiness. I was getting over a break up and had been suffering with depression for about six months before the break up, and she was the positive energy I needed in my life. 

Right from the start I wanted her to release her own makeup line, and I knew I would have to get it if she ever did. Guess what? SHE CREATED HER OWN LINE! With Too Faced as well, which is a brand I've been wanting to try for a while! As soon as I saw her announce it was available I was on the website. I don't know if she's releasing anything else in the future but her line is pretty small at the moment and I wanted one of everything. I already had to take money out of my savings to pay for what I did buy but if I didn't have to worry about the money, the whole collection would have been mine. Instead, I just decided on her eyeshadow palette and a lipstick. I couldn't wait for my package to arrive, I had literally been waiting years for this moment to come and then I had to wait another 2-3 weeks to actually receive it. Eventually it arrived and I could barely contain myself. 

The packaging is beautiful. The eyeshadows come in a cute pink tin with a Kandee seal which I almost didn't want to break! Straight away I was struck by the strong pigments and the smell. The eyeshadows actually smell like sweets and chocolate!

I decided to try out the shades I thought I was least likely to like: Butterscotched and Sweet Toffee. Safe to say I was (still am) incredibly surprised to love them! They're insanely vibrant and I love the boldness of them - being bolder with my general look (let alone my makeup) is something I'm working on so these colours are a great way to start!

The palette also comes with a mini booklet of colours to pair together! There are three suggestions but Cotton Kandee is my favourite.

I also bought a Melted Matte liquid lipstick in the shade Freshly Baked. I absolutely love the colour - although I was expecting it to be more nude on, like the swatch - and it seemed popular with my Mum and sister too! They both tried it as soon as they saw it and adore the colour. My sister and I are both in agreement that it's the nicest liquid matte lipstick we've ever tried and isn't too drying on the lips. Although I may use my clear gloss over the top in future, just to give it more of a  shine. 

 It literally lasts all day. I have accidentally fallen asleep with it on a couple nights and it was still somewhat intact the following morning! Only having to apply it once is an absolute life saver, I'm constantly having to reapply my other lipsticks!

I'm absolutely in love with these items, and would definitely purchase again!

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  1. This look beautiful! I've always been a fan of Kandee she's such a sweet person!